5 Tips On Getting Through A Divorce

January 7, 2020admin
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Going through a divorce is a testing time that challenges your emotional strength. Regardless of the circumstances, it may take a little time to feel yourself again. As with any difficult time, it’s all about finding the right coping strategies that help you to feel better and move on.


1 . Focus on the present


A whole lot of factors are bound to have led up to your divorce. If there is any animosity between you and your former partner, it’s best to leave those issues in the past and focus on the present moment. Regardless of any anger or heartache, practice letting go. What’s important now is getting through the legalities as quickly as possible. The sooner this is done, the sooner that you can move forward with your life. 


  1. Protect the kids


If you have children, a divorce can be particularly difficult. You have not only your own emotions to deal with but also the feelings and opinions of your children. Emotions may be running high, but it’s essential to leave the kids out of the tension. You can be honest with your children, yet try not to speak badly of your former partner or ask them to take sides. Doing so can end up damaging their mental health and worsening the situation. Confide in your family and friends about the practicalities and remain neutral when discussing matters with your children (as much as possible).


  1. Prioritise self-care


During stressful times it becomes more important than ever to look after yourself. When stress takes its toll, our physical health suffers too. Indulge in calming practices as much as you can, from aromatherapy to spa-days, Pilates or hiking. Take time to catch up with friends and surround yourself with distractions. Set yourself goals for simple self-care regimes each day; whether it’s learning a new recipe or buying yourself a new book. To improve your health, both mentally and physically, self-care is vital. 


  1. Write it out


Writing down your feelings can be a helpful release during tough times. When you’re feeling tense, write it out and use your notes to look back on and reflect. It can also be a positive step to write down short-term goals you have for the year. Whether it’s career goals, health goals or a new 2020 bucket list– write down some positive plans just for you. 



  1. Choose the right lawyer


When you are going through a divorce, you’ll want a good lawyer to help you through the proceedings. It may be that you have a friend or two who have gone through the process and can provide a recommendation? Thomas Boyd Whyte are a great company with much experience in family law; they can talk you through the different types of divorce so that you can best assess your options.


During this time, you’ll need great legal advice to ensure that you get the best outcome for you personally. A trained professional lawyer can see that you achieve this and get back on your feet. 

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