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Are you looking for productive things to do but are stuck in a rut and need help?  I have to admit that this happens to me at least once a week!  I wish I were kidding but I’m not.  So this post is about 21+ productive things to do when you are stuck in a rut.


As well as getting stuck in a rut there are also things you can do to improve your productivity when you do get back in to the swing of these.  This post on 21+ productive things to do can be used any time or for any mood you may be in.


productive things to do

So here is the post on 21+ productive things to do.  I’d love to know what you think of these.


  1. Set yourself small daily goals, ticking off just one thing will make you feel great.
  2. Do your worst task first, this again gives you a sense of achievement and stops procrastination in its tracks!
  3. Prepare for your tasks the night before so you can get stuck in as soon as you are ready.
  4. If you still can’t face a task give yourself a time-limit.  This can be a 15 minute chunk of doing that task.  Before you know it the task will be complete.
  5. Tidy desk, tidy mind.  Clear up any clutter from your workspace.  It will make you feel better and ready to face the tasks.productive things to do
  6. Prioritise your tasks.  We all think multi-tasking is the best way – it’s not.  Concentrate on one task at a time until that is complete, tick it off and move to the next.  It’s more productive.
  7. Find tools that will help you automate repetitive tasks.  You can head over to my blog post on how bloggers are rocking it by automating some tasks to find out more.
  8. Add in some tasks you enjoy.  Mix your tasks up by ensuring you add in some things you enjoy doing, the mixture will keep you on track and motivated.
  9. Turn off your notifications.  I know a controversial one!  However, you will never get a task finished if you keep checking your social feed.
  10. Exercise.  This will help keep you calm and stress free.  Also try and work it in to your daily routine.  If you need some tips on staying healthy read my blog post on simple steps to staying healthy.  productive things to do
  11. Drink water.  Another tip like exercise and drink plenty of water.
  12. Make the most of travelling.  If you use public transport, make the most of it to finish or work through tasks rather than checking social media.
  13. Stay positive.  Give yourself a break and think of all the things you have achieved and are doing.  Be positive about all these things.
  14. Write down your goals.  We often need reminded as to why we are doing something.  Write your dreams, goals and how you are going to achieve these, it’s a great motivator.
  15. Verbalise affirmations.  This can often seem a little silly but it does work.  What are you good at?  Say these out loud.  You will feel more confident – honestly 🙂 productive things to do
  16. Change your environment.  Change where you are doing your work just for a while to see if that helps you get more done.  I know going in to a different room can often help me.
  17. Meditate.  You can now get free podcasts to help you relax.  Try meditating even for 2 minutes, it will make all the difference.
  18. Talk.  Talk to a friend, see if they can help or even just talking about your productivity will help you.
  19. Create auto responses to emails.  That way you don’t have to feel the pressure of replying immediately!
  20. Collaborate.  Are there people doing the same things as you or similar.  Can you work together to get certain tasks completed?  A great way to share ideas and resources to get much more work done.
  21. You can’t do it all.  There are only 24 hours in the day so you need to realise you can’t do it all.  Delegate or just let some things go.
  22. Get up early.  Try and get up 15 minutes early and use the time to meditate or get prepared for the day ahead.



These are just a few productive things to do if you feel stuck in rut for whatever reason.  Do you have any other productive things that could be added to the list?  Let me know if the comments below as I’d love to hear from you.



Need help to be more productive? These 21+ productive things to do when you are stuck in a rut is just for you.


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