7 Creative Ways to Spend Long Commuting Times in a Productive Manner

November 27, 2020admin
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In a work world where everyone seems to be working 24/7, who doesn’t wish there were more hours in a day? Making matters worse are those times when time seems to stand still with nothing to fill the time. An excellent example of this is time spent commuting to and from the workplace.

In cases such as this, precious minutes seem to waste away. Most people don’t choose whether to commute or not, but how that time is spent is an entirely different matter. For anyone who has time before they can even start working, there are excellent choices about how that time is spent, whether it’s spending the time planning the day to come or exploring ways to find an ebook. Here are seven creative ways to spend long commuting times productively.

Use Public Transportation or Carpool

This might seem counterproductive, but it’s not, since anyone who isn’t driving can use the time on the road for their betterment. Each of these suggestions can be used by a carpooler or someone using public transportation.

Sort Out Your Thoughts

Most mornings are usually a crazy mix of things to do. Commute time can be spent taking a breather and going over all the things that need to be done. The time can also be spent putting the finishing touches on a project that is coming due.

Plan the Day

Once your thoughts have been sorted out, it’s now time to put things together in a manner that will allow you to plan the day to come. Most successful people don’t start their day without having a clear idea of what they want to accomplish before they start.

Listen to Audiobooks, Podcasts, or Read E-books

Commute time is often dead time. Why not make it self-improvement time with countless podcasts, audiobooks, or ebooks that can make you better at practically anything you care to do. And, if self-improvement isn’t your bag, why not just enjoy the latest best-seller or something else you have wanted to read but didn’t have the time?

Make All the Phone Calls You Wanted

Many people find themselves at the end of the day with many more phone calls to make than they have time for. Why not spend commute time making those return phone calls you owe someone? And, when you get done with the calls you owe, you can spend time making calls that will help you get ahead.

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Take an Online Course

Many commute vans and commuter trains are equipped with WiFi. Why not use that advantage to take an online course you have meant to take, whether for personal improvement or just personal interest?

Learn a New Language

Taking an online course might seem a little too ambitious for some people. For those, something more straightforward, such as learning a language, might be just the thing. There are many online or on CDs that can have you speaking another language in no time. Several apps, such as Duolingo, are very efficient (not to mention free) that you can use.

Many people feel guilty checking out their social media accounts while at work or enjoying YouTube. If all else fails, use commute time to do these and more. You will be pleased with yourself for not taking company time for personal tasks.

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