A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing Your First Starter Kit

May 31, 2018admin
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Knowing how to begin electronic cigarette usage is potentially the only aspect of e-cigarette smoking that might have you scratching your head in confusion as there are a plethora of choices available.  The options exist to provide you with everything you require for customising the e-cig and vaping experience.


When choosing which electronic cigarette starter kit you desire, there are certain considerations that need to be taken into account including the following:


  • How often do you smoke?
  • How much do you smoke?
  • do you require more than a single battery?
  • do you expect to be smoking while out and about or is this purely a habit for when you are at home?
  • do you require any accessories, such as car chargers, wall chargers or carrying cases?
  • How much are you willing to spend on beginning the electronic cigarette smoking habit?


There are various e-cigarette starter kits available that cater for the absolute beginner to those who have been using e-cigarettes or vaping for some time but are looking for a new kit.  All of these kits present with the basics as a minimum, but have some extra features that can be chosen by the user disregarding any waste.  A starter kit should have in it instructions on how to utilise the contents, as well as information on how to go about picking up the basic starter get and exploring new ways of smoking before transitioning between traditional tobacco smoking and electronic smoking permanently.


What Is The Most Basic Starter Kit?


The e cig kit aimed at starter vapours is known as a ‘basic kit’, but this does not mean they are the best standalone introduction options for a novice who is beginning this habit.  The basic kits are often purchased by individuals looking to replace their core pieces of kit and have already bought all other relevant accessories or extras needed and wanted.  Basic starter kits can be purchased from as little as £10 per unit, so they are relatively inexpensive for new smokers.


What the basic starter kit contains will depend on the kit being purchased and how much you are willing to spend; however, a typical starter kit will provide the user with an electronic cigarette batter (usually the standard 650 mAh power), a USB charging lead, and a clearomizer (usually the CE4 clearomizer).  The liquid utilised in the clearomizer – a device holding the vaping liquid – is typically purchased as a separate item and this liquid is known as e-juice or e-liquid.


The points to note when buying a basic starter kit include the following:


  1. The Lasting Power of The Batter Charger


The first question to ask and point to consider is the lasting power of the battery charger.  Will a traditional 650 mAh battery charger last all day based on the vaping regularity?  If not, you may require a larger battery such as the 900 mAh charger or the 1100 mAh battery charger.  Alternatively, you could opt for a second battery if you are not looking to increase the size of the charger or if you have a large capacity of batteries that are longer in length or diameter.


  1. The Lasting Power of The Battery


The second point to consider is whether or not the battery of the e-cigarette will last all day when you are smoking at work or outside of the home.  If not, you may need to purchase a car charger for the e-cigarette to maintain the battery life.  Moreover, additional USB wiring for charging the device via a wall charger or computer can be useful to ensure that you are not tempted to return to smoking traditional cigarettes.  It is important that you do not use chargers not made for electronic cigarettes as this can be dangerous.


When experimenting with electronic cigarette usage and still contemplating the switch, the basic starter kit may be the ideal option for your needs.


What Is The Professional Or Advanced Electronic Cigarette User Kit?


The type of kit offering everything the basic starter kit does but with added accessories is known as a professional electronic cigarette user kit.  The advanced or professional option offers additional clearomizers, additional atomizer heads and replacement coils, additional batteries and battery charges, as well as wall chargers and car chargers.  A presentation of so many extras increases the unit price of the kit.


The advanced kit not only includes additional items, but the items are far more sophisticated such as dual-coil clearomizers and advanced batteries presenting with variable voltage, different wattage capacities and larger power capacities.  The possibilities for professional e-cigarette users are endless with more supplicated gadgets being released weekly to meet public demand.


What About User Kits For Couples?


When two smokers are considering a move from traditional cigarette smoking to cleaner e-cigarette smoking, it is possible to purchase a couple’s combination user kit.  This is also known as a dual user kit because it has two pieces of each item.  Typically, the dual kit is a basic starter kit with enough of each item to help both people begin vaping; however, some dual kits might provide additional extras such as additional accessories or clearomizers.

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