Benefits you get from Workouts and Dieting Supplements

January 28, 2019admin
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The are two categories of weight loss pills: Medical drug and nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements are regarded as safe if they are taken by people with top notch health and as directed. Medical drugs have negative side effects and should be taken only when prescribed by a physician.

The fact that a product is in the form of a pill (or capsule) does not make it either good, strong or weak. It’s a must to read a product’s label and ingredietns and understand their effects. There may be dangerous slimming pills in the market and some that does not contain anything.

The difference between supplements and medication

Medical drugs (Regenon, Reductil, Xenical),upon the doctor’s advice, are taken by people with morbid obesity. They are said to have bad side effects and you usually need to have a prescription before you can buy them. Some of these drugs contain amphetamine-derived ingredients which can cause heart palpitations and increase in high blood pressure if misused or abused.  

While nutritional supplements are extracted from various foods or plants and they are intended to supplement one’s diet. You can find them in specialized stores. They can be bought without a prescription, but a consultaion with a physician is recommended before starting any nutrition or training program. Check this link:

There are hundreds of different products out there,  it’s best to seek advice from a nutrition counselor before using them.

Pharmaceutical products

Regenon (amfepramone), Reductil (sibutramine, currently banned) – are amphetamine-like substances. They reduce appetite and increase energy. But these products can cause depression, nervousness and sleep disorders like insomnia. They can also result in mental disorder and addiction. It might come as a surprise but one should know that diet pills can affect more than just the bod. Many of these products can also have a strong effect on your emotional and mental state.

We all want to be physically attractive but our mental well being and emotional state should still be top priority. While taking these products can help you lose weight, it shouldn’t compromise your overall health.

Beta-adrenergic agents

In this category are substances that activate the adrenergic receptor (such as adrenaline). Clenbuterol or ephedrine are part of this category. They are extremely risky; they can cause death. These are products that block fat absorption.

A good example would be Xenical, Alli – these should only be used at irregular intervals and only for  a short period of time. They help the body absorb less fat from the food you eat. The excess fat is removed from the body in your stool.  Liposoluble vitamins are dissolved in fats, the body stops absorbing vitamins as soon as it stops absrobint fats, causing skin and hair problems, and hormonal imbalance, depression and decrease in energy. This product will work best if you have maintaing a low-fat and low-calori diet. It can help you for the moment, but they should not be used constantly.

Laxatives and diuretics

These medical drugs should only be used with the doctor’s recommendation. Their main function is to empty the contents of the digestive tract. Taking these drugs can cause dehydrate your body and can lead to the imbalance of the body’s elecrolytes. This situation can be fatal. On the scales, you can see a minus of pounds, but it’s not fat, it’s just water. Be aware of plant and tea extracts – even if they are natural, they can cause harm if they are not used properly.

Dieta Pastile, Medicamente, Farmacie

Nutritional Supplements

Natural Anorexigenes are Slimaluma, Hoodia Gordonii, PinoThin, and CLA. Learn more about it, see this. They cut your appetite, but naturally without the common side effects medical drugs. They help you reduce the amount of quantity of food and body calories, but they will not make you shed of some pounds if you eat more than you should.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins helps in the metabolic processes and,  as opposed to general belief, do not cause body fat. They aid in making your metabolism so that you will lose weight faster and healthier. Fill in a restrictive diet very well, which may be inadequate from this point of view.

Lipotropic Carnitine helps transport fatty acids (the cell’s energy plant) to be burned. L-Carnitine also helps you with your workouts and active lifestyle as it helps your body produce more energy. And we all know, working out is one way of helping your metabolism work fast. So the more workout you do, the faster your metabolism works. This will ultimately help you lose some weight as a result.   L-Carnnititne is also said to help boost one’s immune system and that it’s also a good source of antioxidant. The better you feel about your body, the more healhty excercise and activites you are able to do, thus helping you in shedding the extra weight.

Thermogenics are substances that increase metabolic rate, increasing body temperature. They are most effective. There are also extracts of green tea with a thermogenic effect. Thermogenics provide the energy  that you need all the throughout the day especially during workouts. If used in excesses, they lose their results, requiring breaks in administration. They are avoided in summertime when the body is already subjected to significant stress due to heat. When you first take a thermogenic start with a small dose after eating and removing other sources of caffeine from the program (coffee, green tea, energy drinks).

Sport, Hydration and Rest

When trying out a slimming solution, you should be aware that sports is an essential element. Any weight-loss program that assures you to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, especially without an active lifestly and proper diet is not healthy. You can gain the weight back really fast in most cases. Fat that is  accumulated over time need time to be burned. Losing weight takes time, and one should set a weight loss project for at least 2 months and to a year and maintain a healthy diet and excecise after that to prevent the body from gaining weight again. You must always have the doctor’s consent and seek the advice of a consultant, never start a slimming program without taking these steps. You should always know that sports combined with the right nutrition can lead to weight loss. You don’t need to starve yourself to get results. You should lead a healthy life and be a good example for everyone watching you.

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