How to Create Active and Healthy Workplaces

October 29, 2018admin
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Having a workplace that encourages wellbeing and healthier lifestyles is becoming a bigger priority for employers. The link between employee well-being and productivity levels is evident more than ever, making an investment into it well worthwhile. Of course, most employers want to be able to create an environment that employees enjoy working in but knowing that it can boost business is an added incentive!


There are lots of ways to improve employee well-being by providing online support services to encouraging sports activities outside of working hours. If you are looking at new ways to create a more active environment for employees then here are some ideas that have proven to work for other businesses:


Provide free fruit


Businesses that employ people to work in offices are going to be more prone to health issues due to the sedentary nature of the work. Sitting at a desk all day without much movement is going to put employees at high risk of several health concerns if they do not fit a good amount of activity into their lifestyle outside of work. For many people, there isn’t a great amount of time to factor exercise around work, so trying to change other habits is a more realistic option. Instead of being tempted by snacks like crisps and chocolate in work, the provision of free fruit can help employees to make healthier choices in their diet during work.


Team Building Activities


A happy workplace is a healthy workplace and colleagues that bond well makes for a good atmosphere in the team. It never hurts to take the team outside of the usual work setting to mix things up a bit and, when you add in a slice of competition, it’s an event they will never forget.

Get to Know Each Other


Everyone has a story tell and it would be great for colleagues to learn a little bit more about each other. As we live in such a multicultural society, we can learn about each other’s faiths and why our colleagues do some of the things they do. Any questions you may have about such things like Qurbani, Ramadan or any other practice or tradition can be answered in a friendly atmosphere.


Stair use challenges


Encouraging employees to take the stairs instead of the lift in office blocks will not only save energy, but it will also improve their cardiovascular health when they choose to take the stairs on a regular basis. So you can set up challenges between teams or as individuals through apps and have a table that shows the winners. Small prize incentives will help this, although you will want to make sure that people are not spending the day just walking up and down stairs when they don’t need to change floors!


Social clubs


Setting up clubs for popular sports such as netball, football, tennis and badminton etc. will encourage employees to start playing more sport with their colleagues. You can even enter business leagues to play against other companies or sign up teams for the Corporate Games, for example. You don’t even need to have onsite space to accommodate the sports; you can try and get deals with local gyms or sports facilities to host the fixtures.


Employees that feel that their employees take their health and wellbeing seriously will feel happier working for the business. They will be healthier overall, which will generally result in less health-related absences and they will feel more engaged with the company. So providing more health and wellbeing opportunities has several benefits for both employers and employees alike. You shouldn’t be questioning whether you can afford the budget for more wellbeing initiatives, you should be asking whether you can afford not to!

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