Dating tips to help first time daters

November 5, 2018admin
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My goodness why is dating so hard at times?  It really should be easier.  I mean we’ve all been to dinner and drinks before so when you throw in the potential of a date, all people want to do – including me – is stay in my pjs and watch movies all night with a hot chocolate!  However with the information I’m going to share below I hope it will help you feel better about your first date and help you survive it too!

Thing beyond the Bar

It may seem like the best place but it’s often not the best place to get to know someone.  It can be noisy and crowded, not the best place to chat plus you can easily be distracted too if there is loud music.  Not to mention having to head up to the bar to get a drink several times which could also be time wasted.  Instead opt for somewhere quieter and less busy.

Choose the right dating site

the internet is an amazing thing. What did we do without it?  Signing up to a dating site is a great way of meeting people.  There are so many dating sites out there.  So no matter where you are in the UK there is a site for you, for example from this Essex dating site to many more. You really are spoilt for choice.
Focus On First Impressions

It can be hard to concentrate on what to wear, where you are going and getting to know the person so try to concentrate on one thing at a time.  Plan ahead and get yourself organised first, then consider the types of questions to ask so you can get to know your date.  Focus on what you want to say and how you want to come across.

Don’t Play It Cool on a Date

Research has shown that men are attracted to a responsive woman so if you are interested say so but on the other hand if you are not interested then be polite and leave.  Of course if you think you would be more suited as just good friends then say that too.  Being open and honest is the best policy when on a date. That way you can excuse yourself if you think it isn’t for you.

Avoid Oversharing

When someone asks you how you are, they aren’t necessarily asking about your illness or that you have had a tough day or whatever.  Keep your conversations light and don’t overshare as this can be off putting for you and also for someone listening too!

Pay Attention to HOW You Talk to Each Other

Body language can be important too and your tone of voice.  If you are talking in a monotone voice with no pitch then it can be offputting, if you are interested in your partner then show it by nodding your head, keeping eye contact and tilting your head to one side.

I hope these tips will help you on your first date.  No matter where you have secured you date, whether set up by a friend, a work colleague or dating sites in Essex, I hope the tips help you.

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