Do You Dread Mondays? Read This

November 14, 2019admin
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Do Mondays fill you with dread? You know Monday shouldn’t be feared, but that doesn’t stop you from getting a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach on Sunday night, followed by anxious thoughts of the week ahead. If you are really starting to dread Mondays, then something needs to be done. 


  1. Start Your Own Business

Maybe you could stop dreading Mondays altogether by starting your own business. Of course, it’s not that easy. You can’t just snap your fingers and voila, have a successful business bringing you the same amount of income as your job. However, you can start dedicating time to coming up with business ideas and a plan. If you can build and keep momentum, this might be able to keep those Monday fears at bay. Eventually, you might just have a business that allows you to step away from this job. 


  1. Come Up With Stress Management Techniques 

Stress management techniques are key for helping you to stop feeling anxious. Deep breathing sounds too simple, but it really works. Then there’s meditation, exercise, and even journaling. All of these things can help you to stop worrying and placing too much of your energy in the future. 


  1. Speak To Your Boss

If you know that something can change, it could be time to speak to your boss. The infographic below can help you to be more assertive at work and figure out how to broach the subject. Maybe you just need a little time off, or maybe you need less work. Whatever it is, ask for what you need. 



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