Four Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water

December 23, 2020admin
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Water; you simply can’t live without it. We know how important hydration is for us to stay alive, but that magical clear fluid does far more than just sustaining your organs. There’s a lot to be said for the liquid gold that is H2O, including some more surprising facts that you might not have known.

So, if you need more reasons to drink water on a regular basis (aside from the fact it literally keeps you alive), keep reading as we explore four lesser known benefits of staying hydrated.

1. Drinking from the fountain of youth

The anti-ageing industry is worth an eye watering $60 billion USD every year globally. With people living longer than ever, it’s no wonder people want to look as good as they can for as long as they can, and for most people, looking good means looking young. This could be linked to the perception that looking young often gives off the impression that a person is healthy, but there is no cream or serum that replace the healthy glow of good old fashioned hydration.

Plenty of water leaves your skin feeling moisturized and looking healthily plump which, in turn, prevents the onset of wrinkles. If you’re looking to shave years off your appearance, get chugging!

2. Pearly whites

Nipping at the coattails of looking young is dental care. Worth approximately $30 billion USD globally, the amount of money people will spend on their gnashers is almost limitless. This could be rooted in the fact that bad teeth are a turn off for up to 95% of people, or it could just be because having your natural teeth beyond the age of 70 is definitely something to be proud of. Whatever the reason, good teeth are a must, and one way of ensuring your teeth are in tip-top condition is to drink lots of water.

This is because drinking water aids the production of saliva, and having a moist mouth can reduce the risk of dental disease and thus tooth loss. If that’s not something to smile about, we don’t know what is!

3. Glass half full

Dehydration is a foul beast, not least of all because it’s deadly, but a lack of water doesn’t just deprive your organs, it deprives your brain. A deprived brain is a moody brain, and that’s why when people are dehydrated, they become irritable. This might explain why sometimes we feel grumpy for no reason and can’t seem to shake the negative vibes. If you find yourself feeling a bit agitated, or if someone you know isn’t feeling particularly happy, a few glasses of water could help in the transformation from glass half empty to glass half full.

4. Keep it moving

Some say talking about toilet habits is uncouth, but the reluctance to talk about issues and share solutions could be causing more people to suffer in silence than is necessary. One of the most unpleasant feelings has to be that of constipation, and it’s definitely not spoken about enough. You might have heard old wives tales of concocting weird and wonderful smoothies to get things moving again, but you could be overlooking one of the simplest fixes. You don’t need to be gulping down the cranberry juice when you could simply just drink more water.

Most of the time, constipation is caused by a dehydrated colon. Providing your colon with lots of water will not only keep it hydrated and healthy, but it will also keep you going through motions in a healthy and natural way. Next time you’re struggling to go, check how much water you’ve had and adjust as necessary.

Well, there you have it, four unusual uses of water. That being said, there are still lots of people in the world who do not have access to fresh water. With many communities relying on charities installing water wells, it’s never been more important to be grateful for and make use of the water you have access to. After the benefits listed in this article, there’s more reasons than ever!

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