How Do You Show Your Team You Care?

June 2, 2020admin
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Everybody works for money, whether we admit it or not. When you take a position, your salary plays a significant role in the decision. Ultimately, as enjoyable as your job might be, you are also trying to make a living. Therefore, it’s fair to say that your earnings will influence your choice to stay with a company or not. 

Yet, it doesn’t mean that a company that pays well is guaranteed to keep its employees for longer. Job satisfaction is a complex concept that encompasses money but also other factors. Employees are more likely to stay longer with a business that makes them feel valued and looked after. This leads to the most critical question that every company should ask: how do you show your team you care? 

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Don’t have any favourites

Nobody wants to compete against the boss’s favourite. The reason is simple: they can never win. Thankfully, most businesses have developed fair management practices to reduce the risk of favouritism in the office. However, more often than not, disparities in management continue to exist and highlight unfair discrimination, not between individuals but generations. However, a multigenerational workforce allows companies to develop a talent pipeline that combines the best of veterans’ experience and youth enthusiasm and education. The bottom line: age doesn’t affect performance. On the contrary, both long-term employees and young graduates can contribute in different ways to your growth. It would be a mistake to support training in one generation and not the other, for instance. Similarly, it would also be devastating to entrust a generation of workers with more responsibilities and challenges, as it could create conflicts in the team. 

Offer perks and advantages that encompass all their needs

What kind of perks does your team want? A few years ago, free booze and fried breakfast were some of the most popular advantages, according to companies. Countless businesses would boast about their free beer fridge in the office and the bacon, beans, and toast breakfast delivery for their teams. But when you put things into perspective, it’s unlikely that employees would choose to stay with a company just because they can’t get a cheap pint with a fried sausage. In other words, while it might seem like a fun addition, free drinks and food are never a winning argument. On the contrary, your team seeks wellness, financial aid, mental assistance, and recognition in their everyday lives. Perks need to respond to their needs. Companies can find solutions to help; you can find out more at LifeWorks about supporting your team. Growth, both personal and professional, is what employees expect from businesses. 

Encourage them to relax

Workplaces are a stressful place where most people find it hard to take regular breaks. The reason for high stress is the lack of break culture in the office. Creating a break room that encourages your team to socialise and relax away from their desks can make a huge difference. Developing a break culture can take time as most people express guilt about taking some ‘me time’ during the workday. 

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Being the employer who cares is hard work. People need to see evidence of your positive actions, which is why it’s essential to be strategic about how you support and empower your team. Giving everyone the same opportunities for professional, financial, and health growth, inside and outside the office, can help differentiate your business in the long term. 

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