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When you’re looking for a new diet, it’s difficult to narrow down the best one. There’s a lot of different kinds of diets out there, all of which are aimed at different people who lead varying lives. However, the Keto diet is one which has been designed to alter the processes in the body in a way which is natural. To try and help you understand this diet, we’ve put together this Keto guide for beginners, which will talk you through how the diet works.


beginners guide to the keto diet


So What Is A Keto Diet?


To understand what a Keto diet is, you have to know where the word comes from. A Keto diet takes its name from Ketosis. This is a metabolic state that the body can naturally enter. When in this metabolic state, the body produces something called ketones, which then become the primary energy source for your body. The Keto diet, which is sometimes referred to as a ketogenic diet, is one which is low in carbohydrates and sometimes high in fat.


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How Does It Work?


Now it’s time to look at the science behind the Keto diet. When you consume food which is high in carbohydrates, the body will produce two things. First of all, it creates glucose. Glucose is the easiest substance for the body to consume, and provides you with the energy you need to keep going. It also produces insulin. This is something which the body creates to process the glucose, and helps to transport it around the body.


However, there’s one problem with glucose as a primary energy source. What happens to the fat? The fat which comes from eating things high in carbs just isn’t needed. This means it get stored on the body, and people gain weight. This is further complicated by the fact that the body can’t store glucose. This means it is converted to fat and left on the body.


Ketosis occurs when the body is low on carbs and begins searching for another way to replenish the energy stores. In this instance, it starts to use the fat stores you have to provide glucose, and you’ll lose weight. Normally, the fat is protected by the insulin which the body produces while glucose is present. Without it, the liver starts to break down fat and turn it into energy. This means that the less carbs you consume, the faster the fat on your body is converted into energy.




Overall, this is just a basic explanation of how Keto diets work. This Keto guide for beginners has been designed to teach you about the science behind the diet. Naturally, there wouldn’t be as many carbs in our diet. However, the amount of fat we do store can be reduced by cutting our carb intake down. This will create Ketosis in the body, which will allow the liver to begin breaking down all of the various fats which you have stored. It’s a great diet option for people who want to lose weight, and also takes you back to a more natural form of eating.



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