Launching a Beauty Product in Europe? Avoid Making These 8 Types of Claims

December 29, 2020admin
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Every beauty supply maker and distributor wants to be the best in the field and will sometimes make exaggerated claims about what their product can do. However, not only can this be misleading but it can also be a recipe for a lawsuit later on if someone is damaged by the product. This article will address eight main claims that manufacturers and distributors often make about their beauty supply products. These claims should be avoided and never used for any reason, no matter how valid the reasoning may be behind it.

The Importance of Quality in a Beauty Product

Brand name products earned their name by the quality product testing they put into the making of their products. Other companies may come behind the brand-name product and attempt to produce the same thing but often the quality of their products is inferior. The way brand-name products earn their reputation is through the stringent testing that is done by specific companies whose business is inspecting products thoroughly on behalf of consumers. This is why it is critical that if a manufacturer of a product wants to have a solid reputation, that product must be able to pass the test given by such companies.

Looking at the Eight Claims to Avoid Making About a Beauty Product in Europe

When beauty products are being scrutinized in Europe, one of the claims the manufacturers or distributors should avoid making is that the product is Paraben-free. As a rule, five parabens are banned from being used in beauty products in the United Kingdom, so to make this claim is like accusing other beauty product makers of having the paraben in their products. A second claim to avoid making is that the product has not been tested on animals because the European standard already mandates that no animal be used in testing products. Making such a claim does not set the company apart from any other company.

Continuing to Look at Claims to Avoid Making About Beauty Products in Europe

Companies should keep in mind that cosmetic product claims have been under European regulation for over seven years, so there are many claims that are redundant for the company to make. A third claim that companies should avoid making is how a product will activate immunity in a customer’s body. Using the term “rejuvenating” is a fourth claim that should not be made because it is misleading. A person really cannot be rejuvenated or made young again. Time cannot be reversed by using beauty or cosmetic products.

Final Claims That Should Be Avoided About Beauty Products in Europe

An incredulous claim that should be avoided by those who make beauty products is that it offers total sun protection. It is impossible to be protected completely from the sun. A sixth claim states that the product prevents 90 percent hair loss, which is a claim that is difficult to substantiate. A seventh claim to avoid is that a customer can get a youthful look without having any injections. Once again, this is a task that is impossible to do. A final claim that should be avoided because it gives consumers false hope is that the product will get rid of cellulite. Without proper exercise and some surgical procedures, this cannot be done.

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