Tech Treats You Deserve This Year

January 17, 2020admin
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We’ve been lucky enough to grow up during a time where technology is truly flourishing. More so than ever, we rely on technology to get through the day. Pretty much everyone has some sort of knowledge of technology. Even if it just be how to use things like a laptop or a mobile phone, it’s still some knowledge of technology. You don’t have to be an IT geek that knows all of the specs and what they mean to appreciate a good piece of tech in front of you. Whilst some people might say that growing up during this era is a curse, we think technology enriches life in more ways than one. Technology deserves to be appreciated, and you deserve to treat yourself this year. There’s always room for a little tech upgrade in your life, and we guarantee you have at least one new piece of equipment each year. So, we’re going to talk through some of the tech treats you deserve this year, and why they’d be good for you!


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A New Laptop


If you’ve grown up always having had a laptop, perhaps to do all of the work you needed to do for school, then it’ll become a piece of tech that you can’t live without. The great thing about a laptop is their shelf life, within your life. Laptops and TV’s tend to be replaced after many years, whereas people go for a new phone every year or two. So, if you’re due a laptop upgrade, there are so many great ones on the market. Mac’s seem to be leading the way in terms of popularity. Mainly because they’re seen to be a fashion statement, and every freelancer or modern business likes to have them. There’s new software that most of them come with that creates an excellent platform to work on. There are sometimes macOS Catalina problems, but they can easily be resolved. It’s like with any software package that a computer comes with, sometimes there are small issues that can be ironed out. But as a whole, a Mac is a great long term investment, and we’d always recommend getting Apple care.


A New TV & Surround Sound System


A New TV and surround sound system are a dream pairing. If your TV is a little old and dated, and isn’t perhaps a smart or 4K TV, then it’s time to change to something new. TV technology has advanced so much, and 4k ultra HD TV’s are not actually that expensive. Plus, they last for years! The surround sound system is just a nice little addition to the package. It makes all of your watching experiences that little bit more intense.


Gaming Geek


Whether you’re a gaming geek or not, there are some games that have our hearts from childhood, and consoles such as the Nintendo Switch can bring it to life. If you’re not a big gamer, you can still have hours of enjoyment on games such as Mario Kart. They’re old school, they’re fun, and it gives you something different to do rather than just sitting and watching TV.

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