Van Life – Why Are People Choosing To Live In Vans?

May 1, 2020admin
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Van life may or may not be a term that you’ve heard before, but it is a movement that is growing in popularity and has earnt itself quite a cult following from other van lifers and those who aspire to the lifestyle. The term van life is used to describe the lifestyle of those who choose to give up conventional living arrangements in favour of living in a van, which usually comes with a degree of travel and minimalistic living. Here are a few reasons why people are swapping their houses for four wheels. 


Vanlife is a nomadic lifestyle, giving people the freedom to travel with their home rather than from it. With everything they need to live comfortably situated on four-wheels, van lifers can get up and go anywhere on a whim, a sense of freedom that many people may never get to experience. For those who want to travel further afield, van life can be a great, slower-paced and economical way to have a road trip and see the world without spending a fortune on hotels and flights.


Van life is also a very accessible lifestyle and can be accomplished on virtually any budget. Although there are van lifers out there who spend a lot on their vans and their conversion, many people choose to live in a van to make savings. Aside from the initial purchase of the van and the conversion itself, the overheads that come with living in a van are often much less than those that come with living in a house. Council tax can be swapped for One Sure insurance, the electricity bill for petrol, leaving rent to be put aside for a rainy day or van upgrades. 


Although you definitely don’t need to be a minimalist to live in a van, it certainly does help to limit your material possessions when you live on four wheels and so many van lifers embody a sense of minimalism, preferring quality over quantity when it comes to the things they own. For those looking to limit their environmental impact and to live a more simplistic lifestyle, van life is often appealing.


Finally, van life disrupts societal norms and challenges a lot of the beliefs that some people have about how we should all be living our lives. For those who want to take an alternative path, van life can be a symbol of rebellion, swapping the way they are expected to live for an alternative lifestyle that challenges the idea that they must live at a fixed address. Of course, not all van lifers are rebelling against society, but it can be appealing for those that are. 

So there you have it, just four of the reasons why people are swapping their permanent address, hot baths and spacious kitchens for a more compact van-life way of living. Do you think that you could handle living in a van? Where would you go and who would you take with you? Let me know in the comments below. 

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