What to wear on a first date

November 5, 2018admin
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So you have found someone to go on a date with from the many dating sites out there.  So what do you wear on the first date?  It’s certainly we all think about and can be a dilemma for us women.  Of course some may have it all sorted but what about us that aren’t used to dating  What are our options when we want to dress to impress but no over do it? 

Below I have listed some ideas to think about whether you have a date from Edinburgh or from a Devon dating site these tips are for you:


Let the location decide

Use the location to decide what you should wear.  If you are going out for dinner then dress for a meal, if you are going for a walk then opt for flat shoes and trousers.  Deciding where to go beforehand can certainly  help you decide what to wear.

Wear something you have been complimented on

If you have several outfits that you often get complimented on then opt for one of those.  That way you will feel comfortable knowing you look good in the outfit.

Effortless style

You want to achieve a look of, I threw this together and look great, so give yourself plenty of time to plan your outfit and don’t overdo it, remember less is more when it comes to dressing up.


Wear what you will be comfortable in especially if you are going for a meal. Remember you need to be able to breath and let your tummy expand if you are eating so don’t go for something that will restrict you too much!

Comfortable Shoes

Keep your shoes comfortable so you can walk or if the date isn’t going well then you have the legs to get you out of there!

Make the most of your existing wardrobe

Make your clothes work hard for you so don’t be rushing out to buy something new.  Instead make the most of your existing wardrobe and style.

Be confident

No matter what style you choose just be confident in your choice and be you!


Remember you don’t have to be that well versed in the art of dating so relax and try to enjoy yourself.  Whether you have opted for online dating sites in Devon or you have met someone from work, the process is similar.  So after finding the profile you like and you start to plan your date, the above tips will help you decide what to wear.

Also don’t worry about nerves, it’s a normal part of the process and your partner will also be nervous and perhaps fearful at the first date.  This is normal too as you may be thinking about it not working out.

I hope the above tips will help boost your confidence and help you choose what to wear so the first date isn’t as daunting as it sounds.  Your best weapon is your outfit until you start to get to know the other person so use your own unique style as a spring board of which you can jump off and make an impression.






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