4 Important Questions to Ask When Buying Wood Flooring

February 11, 2019admin
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Wood flooring has gained massive popularity in recent years. Many people think of it as an investment and thus, there should be significant amount of research that should be done before buying wood flooring. There are different types of wood and they depend on their origin to be good or not. So, to avoid getting yourself confused, here are some of the questions you should ask before investing in wood flooring.

Source: https://www.esbflooring.com/sites/default/files/living-room-wood-flooring.jpg

1. Solid wood flooring or engineered?

There are two types of wood flooring: solid wood floors and engineered. Both of them are the same but they depend on where you want to install the new floor. Solid wood flooring needs to be installed on the subfloor and it can be refinished as many times as you like. Engineered floors are the real wood floors and they are directly installed onto a slab by stapling or gluing it down. These floors are more stable because they are engineered to perfection. They are very stable dimensionally. These flooring will contract less nor expand more due to humidity or temperature.

Source: http://lunareclipse.info/image/wood-flooring-images/wood-flooring-image-hardwood-installation-jabara-parquet-floor-installer-cost-uk-type-b-q-home-depot-lowe-direct-engineered.jpg

2. What kind of wood species to install?

Choosing a wood style is heavily dependent on your preference and your budget. There are many types of wood and each one of them has different characteristics. Light shade, dark shade. Color, style. It also depends on the room where that flooring will be installed in, like if there will be a lot of people coming in that room like your living room or less people like in your bedroom. Here are some common wood types and their characteristics:

  1. Ash or maple wood: Ash and maple wood are light colored wood perfect for your living room as it makes a room look more spacious and airier.
  2. Oak wood: Oak wood vary in color but is usually used to make your room cozy and warm.
  3. Walnut or mahogany: Dark colored wood that makes a room very vintage and refined.

3. To get prefinished or unfinished flooring?

The choice of getting a prefinished or unfinished flooring depend upon your preference. Prefinished are the floors that you see in the shop and aren’t subjected to change once they are installed. They can be installed easily, and you can almost immediately walk on them. Unfinished floorings are for those who are very specific in their preferences. Unlike prefinished where you get what you see, unfinished flooring can be customized according to your needs or preferences and will take some time in installing depending on how specific you are.

Source: https://www.wohngesund.at/sites/default/files/taxonomie/Wohngesund-Produktart_1_Eiche_Parkett_ungarischer_Stich_von_Wohngesund_-_auch_franzoesisches_Fischgraet_genannt_1_(2)-2.jpg

4. Glossy, semi glossy or matte finishing?

If you want shiny flooring that emanates and reflects then choose the glossy finish. If you prefer not too shiny or not matte as well, then your choice is to go for the semi glossy finish. If you prefer to have a rough non-emanating texture then matte finish is your way to go.

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