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I am seriously considering a garden room.  As you know I like to up-cycle vintage jewellery in to new pieces.  Our home is getting extremely cramped.  There is simply not enough space to fit everything in!  While our home is small, the garden is huge and to be honest I find it hard to keep up with the maintenance.  Having a garden room really does make sense.


After doing a bit of research I came across garden specialists Oeco Garden Rooms. They have some very useful hints and tips on choosing a garden room.  They also have some ideas of what a garden room could be used for.  Check them out below. 


Have you a garden room?  What do you use it for? 


garden room


Top ten uses for a garden room


1: Work

garden room

Whether you want to be more creative with work or produce more efficient results, then escaping away from distractions of the main house will be a huge head start. If you want to skip the commute or run your own business from home, a garden room offers you the space and peace you require.  This would also be a good idea for your kid’s school work, bringing them out away from their distractions and into a peaceful office/library based garden room, allowing them to focus, achieve and improve overall results.


2: Airbnb/guestroom

garden room

Garden rooms are perfect for adding an extra room to your home for family and friends to stay in whilst they visit. Another idea is you could set up your own Airbnb, perfect for making some extra money on the side or gain your initial investment of the garden room back.


3: Home spa

garden room

Want to get that same spa experience at home, use a garden room to create your own. Fit a home sauna or steam room, or both, as well as a rainfall shower and somewhere to relax. You can add your own spa touches with oil burners or incense and you could even extend the spa experience outside with a hot tub.


4: Your own Yoga Ashram

garden room

It’s important to focus on health and wellness, and a garden room is the perfect space to create your own Yoga Ashram. Add some ambience with mood lighting, cushions and pillows and of course a yoga mat. You will have your own little space to escape to, to keep calm, clear and collected.


5: Teenager’s Hangout

garden room

It could be a very productive idea to set up the summer house for your teenager when they need that much needed space that comes with the teenage years!


6: Vintage cocktail bar

vintage cocktail bar

As UK pub numbers dwindle, why not turn your garden room into your own little vintage themed bar?  Get together with family and friends without having to leave your garden.


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7: Vintage game arcade

vintage arcade game

Long gone are the game arcades of the 80’s and 90’s, but if you’re feeling nostalgic and enjoy retro games, why not use a garden room to make your own vintage video game arcade. Set up old and new consoles, dance and music games and even arcade machines for a blast to the past.


8: Gym

garden room gym

Have your very own gym, add different work out equipment to the garden room, leaving an area for floor work… Add in mirrors down one side, so you can watch your form and build in a music system to keep you motivated. Garden rooms also have enough space to add in a shower and changing room too.


9: Hobby room

hobby room

If you and your family all share a number of hobbies, why not turn your garden room into a hobby space. Whether sewing or crafting, to beer making or furniture restoration, garden rooms make great areas to enjoy your favourite pastime. Keep the equipment, smells and dust out of your home.


10: Memorabilia room

garden room

Ever wanted to collect and horde your own memorabilia collection? With the space from your garden room you’ll be able to finally build up your dream collection. They’re literally anything you can collect and display, being either showing your passion to your favourite TV show or video game.


As you can see, there are multiple ways you can use your garden room, whether you want to use it for work, your creative and passionate hobbies or just as a space away from the main house to relax and unwind anything is possible. So what will you use yours for?




Ever thought of owning a garden room?  These inspiring ideas will have your ordering one today!

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