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Playing around with interior design and decorating your home is such a fun process. Most of the time, when you move into somewhere new, you want to be able to add your own stamp. When you love all things vintage, you can often find the task harder than others. But, the good news is, it’s actually quite easy to make your home a vintage haven. Even if you’ve just bought your first house and it’s brand new for you, you can easily give it a retro edge with a few simple styling tips.


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  1. Putting Up Wallpaper


In each room, the largest focal point is often the walls. So if you’re looking to make a big vintage statement, they’re a good place to start. It’s not always that easy to create a retro look with color alone, so wallpaper can often come in handy. There are so many vintage wallpaper prints that are available to you. Simply take a look online or in your nearest DIY style and see which pattern is the perfect one for you and the new vintage-inspired home you’re putting together.


  1. Using Vintage Tableware


One of the most vintage finds you’ll spot almost everywhere is tableware. Not only will you find cool retro china in almost every second-hand store or at every flea market, but you can often find cool cutlery too. If you want to give a real vintage edge to your dining room and kitchen, buy mismatched. It’s very rare to be able to find sets that all match, but you can often create a cool and quirky look with buying lots of different pieces and using them all together.


  1. Picking A Coloured Suite


When you look back at vintage decor trends, you’ll always find colored bathroom suites. In today’s modern world, we prefer to have a brilliant white bathroom suite that looks fresh and clean. But, way back when, they loved to go for color. So, in keeping with the trend, you might want to opt for something colorful when you’re putting in a new bathroom suit. Olive green and blush pink are just some of the styles used, but you might even want a pop of blue or a bit of orange to brighten things up.


  1. Upgrading The Exterior


Giving your home a retro edge doesn’t just apply to your interiors. Sometimes, you need to edit the exteriors in order to ensure the house is truly in keeping with your vintage style. This might not be easy if you own a new build, but if your home is old, it can be a lot of fun. Whether you choose to treat the old windows and doors you have or buy some vintage options, you’re also going to need to make sure that you look after them properly to make sure they last.


  1. Choosing Colours Wisely


When it comes to retro design, color in a room makes a whole lot of difference. Vintage trends aren’t awful understated. Whether you want to go with the swinging sixties or elegant forties, you’re going to want to make sure your color palette follows suit. From soft furnishings and picking a carpet for the living room to furniture and even woodwork, you’re going to want to choose the colors that work well together and still give off the right retro vibe.


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  1. Restoring Old Furniture


Trying to achieve a vintage look isn’t that easy when you’re working with new furniture. So, instead of heading to Ikea to buy new bits of your home, go online instead. It helps to be able to keep everything in the style of the era you’re looking to channel. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be any old, broken down thing and be happy with it. Instead, you should fit it up. Take a look on Pinterest for inspiration.


  1. Using Retro Appliances


In your kitchen, you can actually work wonders by blending the old with the new. There are so many brands that style kitchen appliances and goods in vintage ways, that you don’t always have to buy vintage. Smeg and KitchenAid are just two brands that let you create cool and quirky vintage looks with their fridge and mixing machine looks. Combined with clever decor and the odd vintage appliance for decoration, they could give you the look of your dreams.


  1. Being Clever With Decor


Then, you’re also going to want to shop smart when it comes to the decorative items you have in your home. In the olden days, ornaments and decor were a big part of the overall home design. Pieces were either sentimental or for show. So, if you want the right retro look, you’re going to need to get your decorations on point. There are so many ways you can achieve a modern version of retro decor too. With vintage picture frames or even a bar cart in the corner, you’re one step closer to vintage heaven.


  1. Stripping It All Back


It’s also important to remember that most retro designs were relatively basic and stripped back. A lot of the time, people didn’t have an awful lot to show off, so they kept their homes functional and practical. Depending on the period you’re looking to channel, you may want to ensure that your design is quite minimal in nature. Sometimes, your furniture and room decor can say it all.


  1. Tweaking Each Room


Once you’ve got the basics of your decor down, you’re going to want to be able to ensure that every room looks as it should. Whether you’re trying to style a bathroom or conservatory, you should focus on one room at a time in order to get it right. When you take on too much, you can often confuse matters and make the design look a little all over the place. Sometimes, a little goes a long way, and that can certainly be the case when it comes to vintage home decor.





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