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So you would like to add more light to a dark room?  Did you know that how much natural light you get can really affect your mood?  Those wonderful rays of sunshine or looking up at the sky can have a positive impact upon you and of course vitamin D from the sun is a must.  Having a bright room will not only improve your mood, it will make you feel happier, more radiant and more positive.  Do you need help to add light to a dark room? Here are my 3 amazing ways to add more light in to those dark rooms.


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Adding more light to a dark room

The first step to getting more light in to your room is to determine where your problems lie.  Do your rooms need more natural light?  Do you have dark walls and dark floors?  Is your room cluttered and have dark foreboding furniture?  Are small windows an issue?


Paint Colours for Dark Rooms

Lighter paint colours will have an impact and add more light to a dark room.  With paint you can add warmth with light neutral colours.  You don’t need to paint the whole room in white or neutral tones, you can still have colour as long as it’s just a splash of colour.


top tips to bring more light in to a room



Mirrors to add light

A tried and tested trick to add more light to a dark room is to place a large mirror or two in your room.  Place it strategically so that it catches whatever natural light is coming in to your room.  Using more than one will increase the light dramatically and give the illusion of the room being lighter than it actually is.


My tips on how to get more light to dark rooms



Open up a dark room with Velux Roof windows

You can add more light to a dark room with Velux Roof Windows.  Light can often be absorbed and the culprits are wood, darkly painted walls or indeed the size of a room.  Another option to get more light in your room and at the same time add style and drama is to transform your room with a Velux Roof Window.   Bringing more daylight in to your room can open up more possibilities for you.  Increased natural light, wonderful fresh air drifting in to the room as well as adding a touch of freshness and newness to your room.  You also don’t need to worry about your current architecture as Roof Windows Veluxshop have an array of designs to choose from making this an ideal option for adding more natural light in to your otherwise dark room.


Top ways to add more light to dark rooms.



Soft furnishings for a dark room

Another tip to add light to a dark room is to consider soft furnishings.  Soft furnishings can help offset an otherwise dark room.  Add light coloured throws, bedding, or indeed pillows to your current furniture to ensure a more relaxing atmosphere.  White is so on trend at the moment, and could balance out any dark furniture in your room.


top tips for adding more light to dark rooms



So, what do you do to add more light to dark rooms?  I’d love to hear from you.





Need to add some light to a dark room? These top tips show you how from paint choice, soft furnishings to Velux Roof Windows. Head over to my blog to read more.


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