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September 30, 2016admin
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I am a very new blogger; in fact I never really wanted to blog.  For me I have fallen in to it as a means to highlight my love of all things vintage and to share my repurposed and reused vintage jewellery in my Etsy shop here.

Entering the world of blogging has been a scary experience for me, it wasn’t so much the newness of it all but blogging is a tightly knit community with rules and etiquette that has taken me a while to understand and get to grips with – although there is still so much I don’t understand or know!

What has helped me along this journey is those wonderful bloggers who are inspiring, fun and supportive.  So here are my top 3 blogs that everyone should be reading:


The must read blog for hints, tips and resources for bloggers:  Skinnedcartree  

The blog is run by Corinne.  She describes her blog as ”light hearted and sometimes amusing posts for those who are interested in fashion and life.”

But it is more than that.  I have found her blogging tips to be invaluable and written in her witty style.  How to Disclose Partnerships and How to use Buffer are just some of the excellent tips she has shared.  What has amazed me about this blog is that at such a young age (compared to me!) Corinne has wisdom and insight that is often found on the shoulders of someone older.

If you need any kind of hints or tips to do with blogging this is the first one to go to!


The inspiring blog for the fashionista: xloveleahx 

I’ve just started to read Leah’s blog, she describes it as one where you will find posts about “plus size fashion and radical self-love, plus occasional beauty, travel and lifestyle posts.”

Leah is truly inspiring with her fashion posts and her love of fashion comes through really strong and one can only smile at her fun, fearless and cute outfits!   I love Halloween so for her to review the CowCow Boo Halloween dress with a statement “It’s never too early for Halloween clothes” just sang to me!

A must for not just the fashionista but a must for all fashion craving women out there!


A parenting/lifestyle blog for the real life junkie / mummy:  Lylia Rose

The blog is run by Victoria who introduces herself as a “30 year old Mum of two, is self-employed and a stay at home mum.”

An entrepreneurial wonder woman if you ask me!  What I absolutely adore about Victoria’s blog is her willingness to share in an open fashion the ups and downs of being a mother and business owner.  As if that’s not enough she is passionate about helping and promoting small businesses and her services are extremely competitive.  I have had the pleasure of working with her recently and I can’t speak highly enough about her professionalism, friendliness and willingness to help me when I have tons of questions!

It is no wonder she has won a slew of awards for her success such as #QueenOf and the #SBS award from Theo Paphitis!



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