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When we buy our first homes, many of us stick to the floor plan that we are already provided with. Moving house can be such a hassle that the idea of knocking walls through, and changing things around seem a bit too much- at least for that first year in your new property.


But after a while, you may start to have a very different vision for the home you’ve bought. Perhaps you have come across an issue such as a lack of space or functionality in one of your rooms, or perhaps your personal situation has changed (the pitter patter of tiny feet, maybe!).


A common room that many of us like to remodel in this case is the bathroom, especially because it is one of the top-value rooms in our homes. Chances were when you moved into your home you already had a master or family bathroom at your disposal, but you may want to move this to a different area of the house or to add a second bathroom at your convenience.


There are a few ways you can do this without adding an extension, which requires planning permission and usually a lot of expense. Here are a few bathroom conversion ideas that can add value to your home and give you the bathroom of your dreams all in one go.

The en-suite

En-suites are still a relatively new concept, but something that many modern homeowners still can’t do without. If you have a bedroom in your home that is reasonably large, and you don’t need all that space, why not convert a corner of it into an en-suite? Sure, you will need builders in to put a wall and a door in place, and it might still be quite compact. But if you have children, or you have guests who stay over regularly, en-suites can be incredibly practical.




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The open-plan bedroom/bathroom

An even more contemporary concept these days is the notion of an open-plan bedroom-cum-bathroom. This certainly isn’t for the shy among us so that it won’t be for the faint hearted! But if you live alone, or if you don’t mind sharing your bathroom so openly with another person, it can be a great-looking option. Go ultra modern with a freestanding tub from a company such as drench.co.uk, to truly make the most of the space. There isn’t anything better than being able to go straight from bath to bed, after all!


The roof conversion

Many people convert attic space for a variety of different reasons – from creating a new bedroom to a private games room. But who’s to say that you can’t have a bathroom in your attic either? This concept can feel especially luxurious, especially if you have skylights that bring in a lot of natural light (and thankfully you don’t always need to worry about pulling the blinds down in this scenario!). Do some research about where you can find sloping shower doors to fit the design of your roof and your private attic bathroom could soon be a reality.



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