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Do you struggle with sleep?  There are a few basics that will help you drift off to never never land.  While some of us know some tips such as don’t drink caffeine close to bed or taking a hot bath.  Even if you try these there are other tips and tricks that will also aid a more restful sleep.



Create a Sanctuary

Your bedroom should be a place which is calm where you can go to rest.  Setting the temperate between 16 and 18 degrees centigrade is thought to be the optimal temperature to release what is known as the sleepy hormone – melatonin.  Invest in some furnishings that you love to make you feel more comfortable too.  If you are looking for inspiration check out my autumn decorating ideas post.  Invest in some blackout blinds too to ensure the light is diminished making for a peaceful sleep.


Find the Perfect Mattress

An average person will sleep for 25 years so buying a mattress is an important decision.  So considering the type and style of mattress is extremely important.  Ask yourself four questions:  what is my sleeping position; what firmness do I need; can I take the mattress for a test and does the mattress come with a warranty.  I’d recommend checking out Nectar Sleep.  They offer a great price on memory foam mattresses which have a Tencel Cover to help keep your body cool.  Nectar Sleep also offer a 365 night trail so you can road test the mattress.  They also have an offer on at the moment whereby you get 2 free Nectar Pillows.  After all pillows are also an important purchase to help you achieve a good sleep.


Take Time to Wind Down

Screens, including computers and cells are bright.  Of course during the day we don’t notice it so much however at bedtime you should turn your screens off.  If you don’t then your body is fooled by the bright lights thinking it is day time.  So switch off early.  You could also try some relaxing breathing techniques after having a hot bath so you can mentally calm down.


Try Eating Calming Foods

Did you know there are some foods that can calm you and make you feel sleepy?  They promote sleep by releasing melatonin.  Having a glass of warm milk, camomile tea or oatcakes are just great for helping you fall asleep.  It would be good practice to take these close to bedtime to help you induce sleep.


Alternative Therapies

Stress can impact on your sleep. Why not consider a massage to relieve stress and help you sleep?  There are plenty of alternative therapies which are effective and could help you sleep.  Being mindful could also help you sleep.  Mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment, why not practice observing and letting go of your thoughts.  This has also been proven to help you fall asleep.


What other tips do you have for getting to sleep?


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Head off for a great night's sleep with these top tips. Head over to www.elfeelgoodsvintage.uk for more.


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