5 Lighting Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

April 27, 2018admin
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You can spend a lot of time making sure your home is just right. You can carefully select the furniture, decoration, and so on, and you can think that you’ve got everything just right. But somehow, something feels off. If everything else is on point, then it’s likely that your problem is to do with an aspect that can dramatically alter the overall atmosphere of the room: the lighting. Take time to get this right, and your home might just begin to feel a little better put together.




Different For Each Room


To begin, know this: there is no one size fits all approach to lighting. The lighting in each room should be different, depending on your needs, and a little bit depending on general wisdom. For example, you should have a bathroom that’s bright, so big spotlights make sense. In your living room, you want the atmosphere to be cosy, especially in the winter, so look at creating dark hues that make you want to sink into the season. In the kitchen, it’s a bit of both: you want to see everything, but also, it’s nice to have a bit of atmosphere in there too.


Too Dark, Too Bright


There are a few common mistakes that people make when it comes to their lighting. They don’t know how to position their lighting, and, as a result, often end up with a room that is too dark, or, too bright – but in the wrong areas. If you’re using lamps, then make sure you’re taking a look at the height of the lamp – it makes a big difference. Also, think about the wall colour; if it’s a dark colour, then you’ll need brighter lights to liven up the room – if it’s a light colour, then the opposite is true.


Natural Lighting


Not all of your lighting should come from manmade sources. Having as much natural light in your home as possible will make it a happier, cheerier place to be, especially in the spring and summer. Try to clear as much space in front of your windows as possible, and buy venetian blinds so that you can control how much sunlight can pour in. It’ll be a welcome addition to your home, especially after a long and dark winter.


Change With The Season


And talking of winter, make sure that you’re switching out your lighting a little with the change of the seasons. In autumn and winter, you can add a useful and cosy lighting source: candles. In spring and summer, it’ll be all about taking away those window covers and letting the summer warmth fill your home.


See What Others are Doing


Finally, take a look at what other people – and companies – are doing. The lighting in hotels, for example, are nearly always exceptional; it’s kind of what gives a hotel that unidentifiable look. If you’re travelling around and see something that catches your eye, take a look at how they’ve achieved that look and take it back home with you.

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