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With summer approaching at full steam, many people are starting to think about getting out in their gardens. And as we all know, British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times.


A conservatory seems to give your home the ideal compromise between being able to enjoy the sunshine and having that extra bit of protection in case the rain does start falling. However, it also represents a significant investment.


Therefore, it makes sense to do some planning to make sure that you create a structure that both adds value to your property and makes it an even better place to live. Here are some of the top questions you should ask yourself before investing in a conservatory.


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How Will You Use It?


Firstly, you need to consider how the conservatory will be used; whether it will just be for summer or if it will be for all year round. If you intend to use it in wintertime as well as summer, you will need to think about additional heating that can be provided from a Guardian Warm Roof or other sources.


A conservatory that is just for summer use will probably end up being the cheaper option, but it will also mean that a part of the house will be closed off for several months during the year.


Do You Want a Traditional or Modern Style?


Depending on what style of conservatory you are looking for, this will certainly make an impact on your overall budget. You should also think about how it will fit in with the style of your house, as well as the amount of space that you have available.


The pitched roof style tends to be the cheapest to buy off the shelf, but a modern full glass style can be very attractive. Bear in mind that these are more likely to be bespoke and cost more.


Do You Know Anyone who has a Conservatory?


It is a good idea to get a second opinion and discuss different options with people who already have a conservatory. Friends and family will be able to tell you about what it is like having a conservatory, and the amount of maintenance and upkeep that goes into it. Also, you should get a number of quotes so you can do some proper comparisons.


Have You Considered the Extras?


As well as the actual structure itself, there are all kinds of added extras that you can get. Just some of these include underfloor heating, lighting, blinds or shades. Again, it all comes back to what you are intending to use your conservatory for and the style you are looking for.


What is Your Budget?


Beyond the cost of the actual conservatory itself, you should also consider what other expenses may come along it. You may decide to have a path leading up to the structure and new furniture to put inside. And don’t forget that you need to have a little extra put aside in case the project goes over budget.  




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