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Buying a home is expensive which is why people are deciding on renovating their homes instead.  However, if you do plan to move soon or want to add some value to your current property with a view to moving, below are 5 quick tips to add value to your home.



Paint the House

A quick and easy way to add value to your home is to redecorate.  A home that looks fresh and inviting is more appealing to live in but also to potential buyers.  While you are painting, make sure it includes the outside too and add some greenery like plants to add a splash of colour and fragrance to the entrance to your home.  Even if you are not planning to sell anytime soon, it still gives you a nice place to relax.


top tips to bring more light in to a room


New Windows

If there is one thing in your home that can often cost a lot, it’s replacing windows.  There are many ways of cutting the costs like going to a place that offers discount windows.  Your priority should be the most cost-effective way of getting the windows you need. It is best to get the windows you can afford especially if you are going to be staying for a bit in the house.  It will also save on your heating costs too.



Make Your Home Open-Plan

One of the main things that people are looking for these days in a home is one that offers a more open plan feel.  This is more appealing to buyers but is also a great benefit if you are staying in your home.  You can start to knock down walls but for a more cheaper way of doing this try hanging up more mirrors!


My tips on how to get more light in to a dark room

Bring in More Natural Light

Homes with more a natural and airy feel can certainly make all the difference.  A way of doing this is to install bi-fold doors and roof lanterns.  Have a look click here to view the range available.  Bigger windows and doors can really make all the difference especially when they blur the line between the indoors and outdoors.


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Utilise Your Attic

You don’t need to go through the process of a conversion.  You can still put up some storage units in your attic to show potential buyers what an attic room could look like.  This will certainly add value to your home.


What other ideas do you have for adding value to your home?  I’d love to hear them.








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