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It is mind-blowing how much autumn and winter can change the look of a room.  What is stunningly beautiful in spring and summer, often looks drab and uninviting during autumn and winter.  However, if you look around you will be able to see the potential in autumnal winter decor ideas that will make your home look amazing.


As I sit typing this post to share with you these wonderful looks, the wind and rain are howling as Storm Callum reaches it’s peak!  It’s also starting to get darker sooner.  My body clock often can’t cope with these dark mornings and dark evenings.  I wanted to share with you some of the tips and tricks I use to make my home feel and look cozy during this time of year.


Even if you are renting, you can still take the idea of winter decor and use it to your advantage.  You really don’t have to put up with dull looking or boring interiors.  You can use the following tips to make your home warm and inviting, it will also brighten your mood and make your home as comfortable and beautiful as it can be during these long dark months.


Why not borrow the ideas I have listed below to make your home a place that looks amazing?


Add a faux fir throw

A faux-fur throw makes you feel incredibly luxurious whether you place it on your sofa or on your bed or draped over a chair.  It is something that comes in useful while you sit snuggled up watching a movie during these dark nights.  Retailers such as LionsHome have a fantastic range of faux fur throws and cushions.

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Fill Your Home with Candles

One of the wonderful things about autumn and winter is that you can fill your home with candles, votives or pillar candles.  Whatever takes your fancy.  They give an instant feel of feeling cozy and creates a warm ambiance.  They are for me the thing that makes the best mood setter at this time of year and provide an air of simplicity and sophistication.



Adding luxurious cushions

I love cushions, in fact if I bring any more we won’t be able to sit on the sofa for cushions!  I came across a stunning and affordable selection of cushions from LionsHome.   Cushions not only make your home feel more homely but you can change them according to the seasons for a small budget and they can change the look of your home instantly.


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Bring the Outdoors In

It may be cold and wet outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outdoors in.  This is certainly a fast track way to make your space more homely and cozy.  It’s also a cheap way of adding a pop of colour and natural foliage on window sills, book shelves are lovely.  You can add the plants in to tin cans for a more arty and rustic feel too.


Create a cozy atmosphere with lighting

Another tip to get that cozy feeling is with lighting.  If you opt for bulbs with a soft glow it will make your room feel more cozy and relaxing.  You could also opt for adding in fairy lights for an instant effect too.  I have to say I love fairy lights, they are everywhere in our house this time of year!


No matter where you live, it can be tricky making a space feel cozy and feel like home especially if you don’t want to start getting the paint out!  I hope the above tips will help you create a cozy atmosphere easily and budget friendly to make your space feel more like a cozy home.



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