7 Great Office Flooring Ideas

June 19, 2020admin
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Office interior ideas are evolving as quickly as modern business trends. One thing that remains almost the same is the flooring options available. For example, the right flooring for a commercial office has little to do with trends and more to do with functionality and aesthetics. Other factors that need consideration when deciding what the best flooring options include maintenance requirements and budget. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal flooring options that are available for your office.

  1. Carpet

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If your office space needs some level of insulation from noises, then carpet tiles or carpets are a good option. Also, if people are likely to spend a good amount of time on their feet, the soft surface that rugs offer will be ideal. There are different types to choose from with varying combinations of colour and construction to suit different kinds of budgets. However, carpet floors require daily vacuum service to keep them dust-free and in good condition.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl floors are ideal for offices with very high traffic. It is also a great option for limited budgets. Most vinyl floors do not damage easily. Plus, they are very easy to clean. Also, they don’t scratch or stain easily when given the right treatment and can be treated to make them slip-resistant. Plus, they are available in different colours, styles, and designs to choose from.

  1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile floors are not only durable, but they also offer a lot of beauty and warmth to any office interior. Ceramic floor tiles come in different grades or ratings, depending on their level of hardness. Thus, when picking out ceramic tile floors for, say, a bustling office, opt for tiles that are rated either four or five in terms of hardness. However, ceramic tiles can stain. But that is nothing a professional cleaner cannot handle.

  1. Epoxy and polymer flow flooring

This kind of flooring is ideal for floor spaces that will handle some level of heavy structures such as warehouse floors and storage. That’s because it is durable and resistant to that kind of activity. There’s a lot more that they offer and you can visit Impactfloors.co.uk for more information about them.

  1. Rubber

Just like vinyl, rubber floors are ideal for areas with high traffic. Rubber floors are very easy to maintain. Plus, they are very versatile in use. They are also durable, slip-resistant, water-resistant as well as resistant to heat. They also offer sound absorption while providing a comfortable surface to walk on. Thus, they are excellent for open floor space offices.

  1. Hardwood

Hardwood floors are also very easy to maintain. Plus, they are durable and require regular care. Hardwood flooring comes with many options to choose from – from bamboo to red oak. This type of flooring offers elegance and some level of class to any office space. However, they are vulnerable to scratches, stains, and moisture.

  1. Natural stone 

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This may not be the most obvious option for office spaces as natural stone floors offer more luxury than an office may need – or can afford. However, they do add some style and provide a distinctive and unique appearance. Natural stone requires regular high maintenance as they can stain and scratch.

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