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Planning a home renovation can be daunting.  It can be tempting to concentrate on the most exciting part of choosing paint colours, soft furnishings and all the beautiful fixtures and fittings!  However, in order for your renovations to go to plan, there are several things to consider.  Below I have listed 8 of my top tips when planning home renovations based on our experience of renovating our kitchen.


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Our Kitchen Design Plans


Have your end goal in mind

Before we decided to renovate our dining room, living room and kitchen we had to establish what our end goal was.  Did we want to do this to add value or help us as a family live more comfortably.  For us it was wanting to cook and sit chatting together so that was why we decided to knock our dining room and kitchen together and to make them bigger by taking some space from the front living room.


Set a Budget

Setting a budget and sticking to it is very important.  First, look at prices to see what range of prices there are.  Remember to add in a contingency fund in case there are any unexpected costs.  Remember to cost in having to eat out or buy takeaways if your kitchen is out of use.  Also consider several options and get them costed.  For example if you are considering building a garage, price for a brick building but also get a price for the likes of a metal garage.  Do your research, for example Steel Buildings UK offers garage buildings for sale in the UK.  This is a cost effective way of building a steel garage and another option to keep you within budget.




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Choose Your Date

Consider the date for your renovations.  We didn’t consider this and during February (the cold, cold winter) we had walls knocked down and ceilings pulled down and no way of heating the rooms.  The cold air would whole through the rest of the house!  My advice is to consider your date and when you would like the project to finish and work back.



Establish a Clutter-Free Zone

Before your renovations begin, set aside a room or two that is free from clutter and you will not use for storing everything and anything.  It can be difficult living in a home that you are renovating so having a safe, quite place is essential to allow you to unwind and get your breath back.

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Research Your Builders

Take time to consider builders to do the work.  Chat to friends, family or even neighbours to get as many recommendations as possible.  This will prove invaluable as you are placing trust in your builder to do work of a high standard.  For us, we received a recommendation from the company we were getting the kitchen from.  As it turned out he was the best builder we have ever worked with.

Request References

Even though you may be happy with the recommendations for a builder, don’t stop when you decide on one.  Ask for references before the job starts.  Any good builder will have no problems providing you with these.

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Pack , Sell or Giveaway Your Items

It’s important to pack away all the things you don’t need.  For us we stored as much as we could in the garage but we also sold some items to help us pay for the decorating of the new kitchen/diner.  You may also want to consider renting a storage space but remember to include this in your budget.


top tips for home renovations


Give Some Thought to Your Routine

Renovations mean disruptions.  Thinking back to ours, I used to get up 30 minutes earlier than usual to head to the garage to get the milk (that’s where the fridge was!).  We had a microwave in the hall where I “cooked” meals.  I would make packed lunches in the bedroom.  We couldn’t sit together watching TV due to restricted space.  All these things were easily managed as we thought about our routine before the work started.


I do hope these 8 top tips when planning home renovations help you whether you are renovating one room or more.  Do you have any other tips?  Let me know below.



 These top renovation tips will help you make sure everything goes smoothly if you are renovating your home.
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