A Review of Vintage Style Cornish Art Posters

March 12, 2017admin
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The internet has opened up so much to us, from new music, new film, new ways of publishing and of course ways for artists to reach new audiences.

While many of us may not have time to visit an art gallery – a virtual gallery is different.  I was lucky enough to be asked to review the virtual John Dyer Art Gallery set up by John Dyer and his wife Joanne  Short.

While predominantly online, you can also visit the work by appointment if you happen to be in Falmouth, Cornwall.  These artists are Cornwall’s most established and acclaimed.

Their virtual art gallery will appeal to experienced and newcomers to find original contemporary work, you decide what you like and then checkout as you would with any online purchase.  It will arrive within a few days securely wrapped and ready to be placed on your wall where it will look magnificent.

The John Dyer Art Gallery has a tremendous amount of great art, I was gifted a Vintage Style Poster of St Ives and what a fantastic and unique poster!  The sensation of the vintage style posters of various locations in Cornwall is a treat to see, the vivid colours, the attention to detail is so great you could almost be there.  Indeed, the very decision to take well known locations in Cornwall and use them in a vintage style works extremely well and will appeal to many.



The whole John Dyer Art Gallery website is inviting with the beautiful artwork of John, Joanne and Ted taking centre stage. I defy anyone not to be impressed with the art work here.

I was so delighted to review the vintage style poster, the work is exciting, thrilling and oozes energy and excitement, it is also both unique and a contemporary piece of art.

Anyone seriously interested in art owes the John Dyer Art Gallery a visit to view their beautiful work for yourself.

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