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It’s so easy for the kids to just sit in front of the television, or on their devices when they get home from school. In fact, more kids than ever are avoiding exercise and sports groups in favour of their tablets.


But to ensure they grow up healthy, we need to ensure they are getting plenty of exercise in their life. In fact, parents need to encourage their kids to ensure they have a good future. However, it can be a challenge to find ways to get them exercising without having to pay out a fortune. Therefore, here are some cheap ideas for getting your kids more active.


Go out biking together

A lot of families go out biking together. After all, it’s a fun activity they can all do together. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to get your kids active without spending a small fortune, you should opt to go biking. After all, if you already have bikes at home, you can just get these out of the shed without buying new ones.


And you won’t have to force the kids to go as they enjoy heading out on their set of wheels. Head out for an hour after school, or go biking during the weekends. Plan a route and pack a picnic which you can enjoy half way through the day!



Make your own sports group

It’s easy to send your kids off to a sports group if you want to increase their exercise. But it can often be expensive; you could be looking at £5 a class for your child! And if you have more than one, it can soon add up.


Not only this but your child might be nervous joining a group of strangers. Therefore, why not make your own sports group for your kid. Invite along a couple of their friends and then arrange activities they can do to keep them fit.


For example, you could arrange a football group where they play a game at the local park. It’s free, and you will only need a ball to get them started! And if there is a few of them, you could even do competitions; you can get trophies from a website online which will make it more fun for the kids! And best of all, you are bound to get fit while you are exercising with the kids!


Take your pooch for a walk

If you have a pet dog in the family, it’s a great idea to take it for a walk. After all, it gives the pooch a chance to get some essential exercise.


But moreover, it can help your kids to stay fit too if you take the pooch for a walk altogether. After all, you will probably walk for at least 45 minutes which is a good amount of exercise for your kid. And if you are walking the dog at the weekend, you will have even longer out with the pooch.


Therefore, your child will get plenty of exercise while you are walking the dog! And if you haven’t got a dog yourself, see if a friend or neighbour needs a helping hand walking their pooch!


And remember playing in the home can also be good to get the kids some exercise. Just make sure it doesn’t involve a TV or console!



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