Cut Design Costs by Going Retro

September 18, 2018admin
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Home design does not come cheap, or at least, it doesn’t always come cheap, which is why it’s so essential that you know how to cut design costs and do up your home for a far cheaper price. The good news is that this is easily doable, it’s just a case of knowing how to go about. Want to know the secret to success? It’s all about retro decor!


While some retro decor can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be, it’s all about where you buy it from. The fact is that retro decor is on trend at the moment, which has increased the price of certain pieces, again depending on where you buy from. However, if you know where to purchase them from, you can keep costs low.


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Like the idea of creating a home that has a contemporary feel with a retro twist? Then you might like to have a read of the tips below, that tell you how to create the perfect space!


Utilise the power of the internet


One of the best ways to find vintage furniture that is affordable is to utilise the internet. You would be surprised at the gems you can find online if you know where to look. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to start as you can search for only local items, making them easier to collect. You can, of course, set the distance to be further away, but you would either need to collect the piece yourself or use a furniture courier to get the piece to you, which of course, comes at an additional cost. eBay is another fantastic tool for searching for retro pieces of furniture online for a cheap price, so it’s important to ensure that you are taking advantage of this.


Visit local junkyards


If you have a local junkyard near you where there are items for sale, head down to it and see what little gems you can salvage. Junkyards are amazing places as you never know what you will find there, and for what price. Most of the time junkyards are extremely affordable, as the owners tend to sell items off for cheap prices, so if you have a local junkyard it is most definitely worth a visit.


Learn to upcycle


Of course, in order to retro pieces of furniture to look stylish in your home, you are going to need to learn how to upcycle. To start with, take inspiration from online sources where you can see how people tend to upcycle certain pieces, such as what paints they use and how they decorate them. Then, start practicing. Admittedly, you can’t expect your first piece to go perfectly but remember with time and practice you can only improve.


Doing up your home – any area of it – can be extremely expensive, especially if you plan on replacing old pieces of furniture. However, if you are smart about it and choose to go retro with the design, then you can cut costs and make doing up your home far more affordable.

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