Designing An Office Space That Works

February 21, 2020admin
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The average person works around 36 hours per week. Whether you’re based at home, or you spend most of your time at the office, comfort is key. With back pain and stress among the most common work-related ailments, here are some tips for designing an office space that works.

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Furniture is important for several reasons. Firstly, tables, chairs, desks, filing cabinets and sideboards can enhance the aesthetic of the space and give it a unique identity. If you’re home-based, you can put your own stamp on your workspace to celebrate your taste and style. In a business setting, the look of the office can enhance and promote brand image and create a positive impression when customers and clients visit. Secondly, pieces of furniture play a crucial role in providing comfort for employees, many of whom spend up to nine hours a day at a desk. If you don’t already have access to adjustable, supportive desks and chairs, ask your boss about upgrading. It’s a good idea to look for chairs that have lumbar support and tables you can modify to suit your height. Browse retailers and have a look at options online like high quality office furniture from Maris. When you’re sitting at a desk, you should be able to type without having to reach forwards, your back should be straight and your shoulders relaxed. If you’re hunched over a desk or you’re stretching to reach the keyboard, this will increase the risk of back, shoulder and neck pain. 


Did you know that exposure to natural light lifts your mood and increases productivity? If you have an office at home, or you have a choice of where to sit in an office at work, aim to take full advantage of natural light. Position your desk by windows or doors. It’s also a good idea to stick to neutral shades on the walls to make spaces look larger, brighter and more spacious. 

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Some offices are sterile and bland. In some cases, the design has to be minimalistic and smart to suit the brand, but it’s always possible to inject a bit of interest and freshness with some greenery. Adding potted plants can add flashes of vibrant colour and it’s also an effective means of improving air quality, reducing stress and increasing productivity. Indoor plants are easy to care for, and you can choose pots and planters to suit the vibe, style and size of the space. 


Clutter can contribute to reduced efficiency, it looks messy and it can increase stress. Innovative storage solutions, including wall-mounted shelving units, filing cabinets and desks fitted with drawers, can help to prevent clutter and ensure spaces look clean, tidy and neat. 

Your working environment can impact your mood, your health and wellbeing and your performance. Whether you’re designing a new home office, or you’re keen to put ideas forward at work, it’s beneficial to consider the furniture you choose carefully, to maximise natural light, add greenery and invest in storage solutions. 

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