My Family Christmas Traditions

October 15, 2018admin
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Growing up Christmas was always a tough time when my parents separated and eventually divorced.  That is why I set out to start some family traditions when our two sons were born.  I wanted them to remember and look fondly on Christmas time not just as children but throughout their lives.  So, I want to share with you the Christmas traditions that mean so much to me and even though my children are now teenagers, they still get excited about these and can’t wait to see what Santa brings them!

Santa’s Grotto

Taking the boys to see Santa was always something we loved to do as a family.  We often opted to go see him at the Garden Centre which was made up in such a wonderful magical fashion.  They had a trail with lights, fake snow, Santa’s reindeers and decorations that you would love to have in your own garden!  Santa was located in his log cabin and was always so cheerful.  The boys adored going each year.


Again, it would not be Christmas without the trip to a Pantomime.  All those kids screaming “he’s behind you” and the spectacle of the costumes, the song and dance and the interaction.  It was always a great time to go with the cool crisp air and heading for a hot chocolate afterwards.

Christmas Eve Box

The Christmas Eve Box is something rather new in our household and it has become more important as the boys get older.  New pyjamas, hot chocolate, a new Christmas mug, marshmallows and of course chocolate coins.  Sitting in front of the TV watching Polar Express or Elf or both!  The boys still like to do this even as teenagers and it is something I look forward to as well.

Advent Calendar

It would not be the start of December without an advent calendar.  As the boys get older it gets really difficult to come up with an advent calendar that they appreciate.  There is so many ones for children but teenagers it can be tricky.  It is for this reason I was delighted to come across a great selection of advent calendars from Debenhams.  I especially love the chocolate ones and the men’s skincare – with two teenagers they use up a lot of skincare products!

Treats for Santa

Treats for Santa was so important when the boys were young.  They loved putting out buns, biscuits and milk for Santa and of course a carrot for his reindeer.  We also made sure that Santa left a note thanking the boys for their kind gestures, they were so excited when Santa took the time to write to them even though he was so, so very busy.


We still have stockings for the boys even as teenagers.  They love seeing what unusual and varied items come out of the stockings as these are normally gifts that they don’t know about!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is about relaxing, spending time together, eating and watching movies.  Oh and of course using all the gifts!  What surprises me is that two teenagers manage to start using everything they have been given, even all the socks!  By the end of the day their rooms look like backstage at a fashion shoot!  They have a great time though and are often in bed early as they still get up around 7am on Christmas morning – even as teenagers.


So that’s our Christmas traditions wrapped up in a post!  What are your Christmas traditions?  I’d love to hear them.

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