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January is in full swing and often with that comes the temptation to batten down the hatches and stay indoors snuggled with blankets and warm drinks. However, January is also a month filled with motivation. A new opportunity to take on goals and targets for the year, a chance to draw the line and move forward. At this time, it is good to take on this new found motivation and not only embrace any personal goals you may have set when the clock chimed midnight a few weeks ago, but also make some changes to your home and give everything a new lease of life. So I thought I would share with you four easy DIY projects that you can take on this month.



top tips for home renovations

Giving your home a new lease of life with colour


January is always a month that feels a little grey and dark, but with Spring on the horizon it is a great opportunity to inject a bit of colour into your home. Maybe change the colour scheme in one of your favorite living spaces, or add some colourful new accessories in the way of soft furnishings like cushions or blankets. Or more ornamental pieces like photo frames or candlesticks. The injection of colour can really help to lift the spirits in the home and get you feeling all inspired for the warmer months ahead.



top tips for home renovations


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Creating a feature wall


Adding colour in painting or through accessories is a great way to make some changes, but sometimes just focusing on the one wall can be just enough to lift the way a room looks and feels. A feature wall could be achieved in the way of using photo frames and you favourite pictures, prints or quotes. Looking online at Bryson Tools and Suppliers will enable you to get a decent drill, screwdriver or hammer, and away you go adding your favourite pieces to the wall. A feature wall could also be created through adding a colour to one wall. It could significantly change the dynamic of the room, and it is just a simple change to make.


Changing the use of a room


Sometimes a fresh approach to a room in your home could be the answer to make your home feel like it is brand new. We often feel like we have to confirm to how a room is advertised or maybe used in the past. But that doesn’t mean that a lounge area could be your dining and entertaining room. Or whether you want a sofa in the kitchen instead of a table. So why not change the use of some of the rooms in your home?


Upcycling old furniture


Finally, why not give older pieces of furniture in your home and living spaces a new lease of life by ulcycling them? A table could be painted and given a new lease of life. A sofa could be reupholstered to match a new theme in your room, if you do decide to paint it, etc.


I hope that this has inspired you to take on some of these easy DIY projects this month.

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