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After a long, busy day, your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is the place you return to each night for those last few moments of relaxation before you drift off into a good night’s sleep. The look and feel of the room will add to your sense of serenity, but you may find your sense of peace unsettled if the room is cluttered, or there is peeling paintwork at the corners of the walls. To ensure you get the comfort you deserve, maybe now is the time to give your bedroom a makeover.




A cluttered room makes for a restless mind, so if your shoes are overflowing from the closet, or there are magazines and books strewn across the floor, it is time to recycle or give to charity.


If you can’t throw anything away, there are many storage options available, from wicker baskets for storing towels and bed linen to walk-in wardrobes for your clothes and shoes, and even under the bed storage to give you more space in the room.


Floating shelving is useful too, for storing your books, ornaments and valuable trinkets.

bedroom makeover


Wall space


For a better night’s sleep, most people prefer to have a room painted in warm and cozy colours, such as brown and white for a rustic, autumnal feel. However, your bedroom is your space so be creative, and consider buying a colour wheel to help you match colours according to your taste.


Give your room some character by buying wall art. From framed posters and prints, abstract paintings and wall sculptures, there are many options available and will add to the aesthetics of your bedroom considerably.


Light options


Traditionally, bedroom windows are adorned with curtains. However, they can appear bulky and often block out the sunlight. A set of blinds will make your room feel more spacious and will allow more light to get in. You can have them open at a level that suits you, whether you want the sun to trickle in as dawn approaches, or you want to block out the sun entirely.


A good mirror can create a sense of a larger space, but if placed correctly can also bounce the light from the window around the room, creating a brighter and more vibrant feel in the daytime. In the evening, wall sconces and bedside lamps should be set at a low wattage, perfect for reading a book by and creating a relaxing, subdued feel for when it is time to go to sleep.


Rest comfortably


Bedsheets eventually become worn and lose their comfort after a lot of washes. You could try for that luxury hotel feel, with a specialist supplier, such as Richard Haworth. Replacing your sheets and pillow cases every year is a must for cleanliness and comfort. The colour is important, so choose something that matches your room’s aesthetic.


If your mattress is a hindrance to your comfort, turn it over or buy a new one. When laying your head down for the night, so fresh new pillows are perfect as you settle down to sleep.


Sweet dreams!




bedroom makeover

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