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Looking for a new way to chill out once you get home after work each day? Well, the answer might be closer than you think! In fact, you might just have to step outside into your back garden. Lots of scientific studies have shown that gardening is a great way to relieve stress and relax. So, next time you get home after a very long day in the office, it might pay off to pick up your trowel and start digging!


Not sure which gardening jobs are worth doing for stress relief? Here are some of the best.


Add Some New Flowers


Some studies also show that bright colours can help to alleviate stress levels and help give your moods and emotions a little boost. So why not kill two birds with one stone and plant some new flowers in your garden. If you aren’t sure which flowers to go for, you should stick to perennial flowers as these will flower for a few years before dying. That way, you won’t have to spend money on new seeds and bulbs to replace them every year. Some of the prettiest perennials include Peruvian lilies and Catmint.


Clean Out Your Pond


It may not sound like the most glamorous gardening job, but your pond will need to be cleaned out at some point! And all of the repetitive motions that you use during the cleaning process will soothe your mind and do wonders for your mental health. Looking for something that will banish all that algae from your pond for good? You just need to add some Cloverleaf blanket answer to the water, and you won’t be plagued by the horrible green stuff ever again! It’s also a good idea to regularly get out any decaying plant matter using a small net.


Make Some Homemade Pest Traps


Another job you can do out in the garden is making homemade pest traps. As a gardener, your number one enemy will be all of the little creepy crawlies that come and eat your plants, vegetables, and flowers. Thankfully, there are a few different traps that can stop them. The best one to use in the fight against slugs and snails is a beer trap. Simply pour a splash of beer into a small dish and leave it outside. All of the slugs and snails will be too busy sipping the beer to bother with your plants!


Practice Mindful Gardening


When you do work outside in your garden, it’s important to be mindful while you carry out all the various tasks and jobs. Try and use all your senses to experience everything, from the loud birdsong to the squishiness of the mud and soil. Mindfulness is a great way to experience the current moment and take your mind off all the worries and stresses that have been causing you trouble. So, go ahead and enjoy your gardening time for what it is!


It’s always nice to go outdoors and get some fresh air. And why not de-stress with some gardening while you are out there!





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