How To Choose the Best Tradesperson To Do Work on Your Home

May 29, 2020admin
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When you want some work to be carried out on your home, then it is a big decision. There are likely to be some things that you’re able to do yourself, but for bigger things, or when you have no experience or expertise, getting in a tradesperson to do the work is a must. But with reports of rogue traders and people just out to make a quick buck, how can you know that you’ll be hiring the right people for the job, and that you can trust them to do the work to a high standard? 

You could need someone to fix a leak, rewire a house, or paint a room. You may want to fit out your kitchen or add an extension to your home. No matter how big or how small the job, you need to choose the right person or company for the job. Hare some of the ways that you can choose a quality tradesperson, so that you can get the job done well, to a good standard, and not pay over the odds.


Personal Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a local tradesperson to do the work for you, is to choose someone that comes highly recommended. If someone has had a bad experience with someone, they would never recommend them. So you know if you’re getting a recommendation from a friend, neighbour, or mum from school, that they are likely to be trusted and do a good job.


It can be a good idea to ask if any of their work is covered by a guarantee. You should check with a tradesperson, as you are gathering quotes and before commencing work, how long a guarantee lasts. You should also check for insurance. What if the tradesperson did something that damages other aspects of your home? This is where insurance, and getting a fully insured tradesperson is a must. An electrician should get highly rated insurance for electricians, for example. But if the tradesperson has an insurance backed warranty, then that is going to be desirable. A must if it is going to be a large project.

Customer service

When you are deciding who to choose for a job, it is a good idea to get at least three quotes (but the more the better). This gives you a good idea as to what the standard price is, but also lets you see what different tradespeople are like. What are their customer service skills like? Do they respond to you quickly? How polite are they? Do they listen to what you are saying and ask questions or offer advice? Of course, if you have a group of people lined up all recommended and all experienced and qualified, then it comes down to who you get along with the most. They are going to be in your home, perhaps for a while for a large project. So you want to get along with them and feel comfortable with them. So assessing their customer service skills should also be considered. 

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