How To Make Housework A Little Bit Easier

November 4, 2019admin
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Very few people love doing the housework or cleaning, unless you’re Mrs. Hinch, but it’s a necessary evil. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do around the home which makes everything a little bit easier to clean, allowing you to get through the housework a lot faster (and free up time for more exciting and important things!) Here are a few ways you can go about it.


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Replace your carpets with tiles or wooden floors


Carpets upstairs aren’t usually too much of an issue, as long as you implement a ‘shoes-off’ policy up there. This will protect your carpets and keep them soft and clean for many years. However, downstairs, where there is heavy footfall, it is usually a good idea to go with floorings that are easy to clean, such as tiles or wooden flooring. This saves the awkwardness of asking guests to remove their shoes and workers, or other professionals who may not be able to take them off will not ruin your lovely carpets. It is also to clean up after pets, children and the inevitable knocked over drinks. They are much easier to keep clean and hygienic and don’t hold on to any stains or odours. If you are worried about it feeling a little cold or bare, throw down a cute shaggy rug. They are far easier to wash than carpets which are fixed to the floor and are easier to change if you fancy something different.


Upgrade the Bathroom


In the bathroom, tiles are the one thing that is difficult to clean and can make your whole bathroom look dirty. Grout holds on to stains, and while the tiles might still be in excellent condition, yellowing or dark stained grout between them is always going to look grim. Instead of having lots of small tiles, which means lots more grouting, opt for larger tiles or even panels. Shower curtains are another issue. Since they get wet and then sit bunched up in the bath, it doesn’t take long for them to get mouldy and a bit disgusting, and let’s face it, they’re never the most stylish accessory. Replace with a glass shower screen instead, They look much more elegant and can be cleaned with a quick spray of glass cleaner and a cloth.


Minimise Clutter


Dust is an ongoing battle in every home. It does not take long for it to reappear once you have dusted. To make things easier for yourself, keep clutter to an absolute minimum. Do like Marie Kondo and dump anything that does not have a purpose, sentimental value or bring you joy. Any trinkets or small items that you do want to have out on display, keep in a cabinet with a glass door. While you might have to wipe off the odd smear or fingerprint off the glass, it keeps away the dust and means you are not wiping down multiple ornaments every day. A quick spray of some polish and a wipe with a dusting cloth and you’re done. 


By implementing some of these, you’ll make your housework routine a little easier, leaving you more time to concentrate. 


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