How to use plants to benefit your home

June 10, 2019admin
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Summer is on the horizon, with the UK experiencing its hottest day of the year on June 1st, at 27.7 C, and so many are beginning to make plans to make the most of the weather and get out in the sun. If your home feels a little dark and dreary, and you want to invite in the growing summer mood, why not embrace some plant life into your home by taking a look at our guide on how to use plants to your benefit?


Inside the home

Want to breathe some life into your property and invite the outdoors in? Think about the sweet spot in your home or apartment, where natural sunlight pierces through each day, to make sure it’s getting the exposure it needs. Plants can have plenty of benefits inside the home, even to help you concentrate when working. If you struggle to find light, options such as peace lilies are available, which can thrive without much sun and are also proven to help clear toxins in the air.

Bonsai trees, the popular Japanese practice of cultivating small trees within trays and containers to mimic regular trees, can be a cool addition to any room or study, and a good way of evoking the great outdoors if you’re stuck inside working. With typically shallow beds of soil, they can at times be a chore to maintain, but shaping and watering the plant as part of a routine can become a rewarding experience.

Did you know? Bonsai trees, and many other types of plant for that matter, come in both indoor and outdoor preferred varieties. It’s perhaps worth doing some research on the kind of plant you’re interested in, to prevent the disappointment of coming home of an evening to find a wilted mess where your prized plant once stood.

Balconies and roof

With so many unique and innovative ways to display and keep plants in the home nowadays, limiting yourself to just the garden is a mistake if you truly want to go green. If you have a balcony in your home or a garden in dire need of rejuvenation, why not look at current trends in modern city apartments for inspiration. Property investment company RW Invest, in their Crosby and Sky gardens projects, are utilising roof gardens with exotic furniture and a great view of the city landscape.

When putting out potted plants and installations on a balcony or roof, consider factors such as the weight, and how windy your balcony can get. If you’re exposed to the elements, it might be worth looking at some windbreaks, so that any potential hanging baskets don’t become airborne.

date ideas


For those with less of a green thumb that want a ‘hands-off’ approach to their garden, aside from the occasional necessary weeding, or chasing away the neighbour’s cat, there are a range of low-maintenance plants available, freeing up your time to sit in the sunshine, or plan that next barbeque. Options include Coneflowers, Daylilies, Cosmos and Hosta flowers, among others. All are robust and resistant to drought and other harsh conditions, not needing to be cared for as intensely as some others, and many also reseed themselves, helping your garden to become self-sustainable and survive the winter.

Low maintenance plants are also a good idea for landlords and buy-to-let homeowners, as they can attract tenants with vibrant colours and plant life without the need to keep trawling back to make sure they’re watered and kept.

Lawn edging is a technique that can also help to keep the grass looking uniform and the garden cleaner. By putting a metal structure around the borders of the grass you want to maintain, it acts as a sort of moat and stops mess from overgrowing, keeping the lawn looking tidier without much work.

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  • Ashley Firth

    July 16, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    This is a great post! I love plants. I really enjoy spending time in my garden. Plants bring such beautiful colour into the home. I love banzai trees, they’re simply adorable! xxx

    1. admin

      July 23, 2019 at 6:30 pm

      Yeah although in this heat they certainly struggle!

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