Little Habits To Build Before Buying A House

June 25, 2018admin
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Many say that buying a house is the first real step into the responsibilities of the adult life. Indeed, until then, most people can survive on a daily basis, without the need of making a financial plan. This is even more relevant if your parents paid for your studies, as you will not have to deal with student loans. In fact, for a lot of people, their application for a mortgage loan is the first long-term financial decision they take. Indeed, buying a house is not online a commitment to a location and a lifestyle, but it is also a property investment for your future. And the thing about investments is just like a cold bath: you shouldn’t jump unprepared if you don’t want to suffer any dramatic consequences. You need to pave your way to the cold financial bath by training yourself to improve your relationship with money.


buying a house

A little reward can go along way


Why do you need to start early with your finances?

It’s easy to understand that the way you interact with your finances will impact on your loan application. Indeed, the information on your credit report and your credit history rate are key factors in determining whether you’ll be able to get a loan and the rate you’ll pay. This means that you need to get your finances in order before you can even fill up an application form. A lender will consider among other things whether you have any outstanding credits and debts, how much you have in savings, and, of course, your current income. In other words, if you’ve been a little too enthusiastic with your credit cards, you might want to get in touch with Repair.Credit experts ahead of your mortgage application. Similarly, if you have no credit card, you should get one and start using it to create a credit history for lenders to review.


Save money every day with simple tweaks

You can save money everywhere. It’s time to develop new habits to maximise your savings. For instance, using cashback apps can let you earn money for selected items. Of course, this might force you to switch brands for everyday items, but ultimately if you can make money while doing your grocery shopping, switching brands is a little sacrifice. You can also target shop items on offer to save money in the long term. Similarly, replacing your takeaway meal with a home-cooked dinner can save your tonnes at the end of the month.  


Earn money as you shop


Save, but remember to reward yourself

Getting into the habit of saving money needs discipline. But when you save towards a bigger goal – such as paying your mortgage back – you also need to plan a rewarding system to keep yourself motivated. Indeed, if your budget doesn’t plan for indulgence, you risk breaking your own finance rules. So make sure to know how to splurge without breaking the bank. You can take advantages of perks from work or a loyalty scheme, for instance. You can only buy one extravagant grocery item, such as high-quality chocolate, for example, to enjoy over a couple of days. Making saving easy is about knowing how to reward yourself.


You need to be familiar with money management before you can become a homeowner. Buying a home is about knowing how to support your finances without depriving yourself.


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