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I admit that my clothes are mostly stuffed in a badly built wardrobe!  This post is about modern fitted wardrobes to style your bedroom.  Modern fitted wardrobes can not only be convenient, they can also make a statement. Increase storage space of your home even in those awkward spaces by transforming them into custom fitted wardrobes that blend in with decor or stand out in decorative contrast. There are many styles to select from and one will be just right to meet your storage space needs.


fitted wardrobes

Modern Hinged Door Wardrobes

Store any items that you want to hide in your custom fitted wardrobes that swing open on modern hinges. Easy to open and close, the modern hinged doors flow from floor to ceiling for a seamless, sleek look.

The modern hinged doors can be matt, high gloss, leather and wood effect, glass or mirrored to meet your interior preferences.

fitted wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobes For Unusual spaces

Many homes have that oddly shaped nook or corner that no one knows how to decorate or use. Those oddly shaped spaces might be perfect for installing a fitted wardrobe.

The fitted wardrobe will be built to fit the space and to your specifications. The unused space can become one of the most used spaces in your home to store luggage, out-of-season clothing, linens, children’s toys or a host of other items that are not used on a daily basis.


Bespoke Attic Wardrobe

Attics are always filled with odd angles, low overhead spaces and spaces that are difficult to access. A fitted wardrobe will meet your storage needs in a most attractive manner.

Have it custom built to your own design to hide the odd angles, low overhead and other trouble spots in your home’s attic. Previously unused space will be transformed into an attractive storage area that can hold everything from clothing to antiques.


I hope these ideas help you with your storage solutions in your bedroom and you can have a wonderfully organised wardrobe for years to come.



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