If Your Office Chair Could Talk – what would it say?

May 16, 2018admin
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I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time in my office chair.  In fact being office based since leaving school I have spent a lot of time in office chairs!  Have you ever considered to think if your office chair could talk – what would it say?


office chair

When I think of the office chairs I have had over the years I am reminded that it has had to hold my weight over those years.  It has had to support my back.  It has had to listen to me moan at certain times.  It has had to listen to me laugh at other times.  It has done this all without complaint.


There are days past when I would have sat in my office chair for hours on end without moving.  Although now I purchased a Fitbit, it has me getting up every hour to take 250 steps!  It’s a good thing though.


So what do you think your office chair would have to say about you?  I think mine would probably hint at never having the legs that would hold me up forever!  That it wished I would get up more often and give it a break.  My office chair over the years has grown in support – spinal support – for which I am grateful.  It has evolved with the times and design has pulled it kicking and screaming in to a more fashionable place.


I do hope that my office chair never grows weary of me, that I have started to show it some respect by getting up every hour to give it the break it so desperately deserves.


office chair


So whether you end up making your kitchen table in to a makeshift desk or if you have a spare room that gets turned in to an office, having a designated workspace and an office chair is a must.  It creates a more productive working environment and is better for your posture too.  Want a fantastic array of office chairs to lust after?  Look no further than Furniture At Work.



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