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Life can seem pretty sweet at times. You are raising beautiful children, have some savings put aside for a holiday next year, and things are looking rosy. But all it takes a single home disaster to put a lot of pressure on your plate hit you in the pocket, and impact the health of your little ones. Pretty scary, huh? Well, while it might sound a little OTT, the reality is that defending your home from the vast array of threats that can occur is a serious business. And if you want peace of mind, there are a few things you need to do – let’s take a look at your options.



Understand the cost


First of all, be aware that building a home is a long process, and a lot can go wrong or deteriorate. And once you understand the vast costs involved in rewiring your entire house, installing a new HVAC unit, or fixing some serious plumbing issues, the reality is you will be more likely to take notice.


Understand the health impact


When you are a single adult, you are well equipped to deal with the occasional hardship. But once you have kids, you have to consider the many impacts home disasters can have on them. If your boiler breaks down, you can’t keep the kids warm. If you have a severe and long-term plumbing leak, your home could start suffering from damp and black mould problems – which can irritate your little one’s lungs. And you don’t need a degree in electronics to realise that the electricity supply in your home could be deadly if it isn’t well maintained.


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The importance of maintenance


On the subject of maintenance, it’s vital that you take it seriously to prevent minor household problems becoming a severe issue. Seek out experts in all boiler services in your area, to ensure your heating stays on and is in good condition. Change your heating and aircon filters on a regular basis to ensure they are pumping clean air in, and extracting dirt and dust out. Check your roofing once a year, too – preferably after winter – and ensure there are no leaks. And finally, inspect your basement area for cracks, leaks or signs of unevenness – it could be that you have foundational problems.


Cover yourself


Finally, even when you make regular checks, it’s just not possible to spot every potential disaster in the home. And it’s at times like those that you need insurance, to offset the cost of repair and get the work done as quickly as possible, so it has minimal impact on your kids. That said, it’s not good enough to go for the first insurance policy you come across, or, indeed, the cheapest. Make sure you are checking all the small print, to ensure you have the right level of cover. A lot of people don’t realise they are paying for the wrong plan, or aren’t covered for specific incidents, and only find out after they make a claim. It’s down to you to make the checks, as your insurance company certainly won’t let you know.


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