Pinterest-worthy Bespoke Furniture Ideas for your New Home

May 16, 2018admin
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Getting a new property can be an exciting time. You may feel as though there is so much to look forward to and nothing can quite compare to this feeling. One of the most important questions you think of before making the decision whether to buy a property or not is the storage space or the potential of getting the fitted wardrobes. Especially if like me, you have your winter clothes, your summer clothes and your in-between season clothes!  Below I’ve pulled together some Pinterest-worthy bespoke furniture ideas for your new home.  Let’s get started.



Fitted Reception Wardrobe

Sometimes, shelving units just don’t quite cut it. After all, sometimes you just don’t want to have everything on-show and you also don’t want to have boxes on top of boxes either. Fitted reception wardrobes can really help you out with this, and you’d be surprised at how easy it is for you to really get the best result out of your installation. You can have your wardrobe in any colour, any style and this ultimately means that it’s super easy to match in with your existing living room.  This bespoke furniture idea is certainly worth considering.


Bespoke Library

There’s just something so romantic about having a bespoke library. You can easily arrange your books in any order you want and you can even customise the height of each shelf as well. This means that the taller books won’t look cramped and the smaller books will look like they always have a place they can call home.  This is certainly a Pinterest-worthy bespoke furniture idea that I need next in my home as our books are just sitting in piles everywhere!


Fitted Home Office

For all those bloggers out there or for anyone who works from home.  It’s just so frustrating it can be to sit at a small table that is just so uncomfortable, with post-stick notes dotted everywhere because you don’t have any organised space. How about a fitted home office?  Have bespoke furniture ideas for every room in your home can make such a difference.  Having a fitted home office is a must have for all those who work from home.  When you have a fitted home office, you can have shelves specifically sized for A4 paper, presentation folders, your printing equipment and so much more. This will make the whole thing super easy and it’s a great way for you to really make the most out of your space.


Whatever style your home is, bespoke furniture ideas and custom made fitted storage could be a solution for your storage needs. Having the new wardrobe does not mean it has to be modern, you can also get a bespoke traditional closet, made-to-measure bookshelf or even set of drawers for the loft room.


What’s on your list for your next project?  Let me know below.

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