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I’ve been blogging less than a year and in that time things have moved extremely quickly.  I  wanted to share my thoughts with you as to what my future predictions are for blogging.



The Future Prediction 1

Looking at the current blogging climate, there are even more bloggers making a living from blogging full time.Taking this in to account I predict there will be even more bloggers who will take it up full time.  But I also think the term bloggers will become obsolete and be replaced with the term influencer instead – after all we are trying to influence our readers.


The Future Prediction 2

What is becoming clear is that graphics have a huge impact.  Pictures and graphics seem to impact upon people more so than long written blog posts.  It is my view that blog posts will become less than 250 words with shareable graphics that make a bigger impact than the words in the post.  You only have to look at the success of Instagram and Vine to see how much of an impact photos and videos are making.


The Future Prediction 3

Blogging is moving to be more about marketing especially niche marketing.  As such, bloggers will start to work more closely with companies.  Companies will hire less marketing people instead preferring to work with bloggers who know their readers and can offer a more holistic approach to influencing and marketing.






This post is part of Innovation Company’s study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging.  To read more about Innovation Company visit them here.




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