Put Your Crafting Skills to Good Use – 6 Ideas in DIY Home Décor

January 2, 2019admin
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If you are like most homeowners or apartment dwellers, you are probably bored with all the trendy bits of home décor you can find in any shop. After a while, everything begins to look the same and, try as you might, you just can’t seem to find anything that will set your home apart from literally every other home you visit. Yes, you will find variations of the same themes, but nothing that strikes you as out of the ordinary. Have you considered putting your crafting skills to good use? Take a look at these six DIY home décor ideas and you will see that you have what it takes to design your own décor to suit your personal tastes.

1. Customised Lampshades

There are literally so many ways to customise lampshades that you might get caught up in the choosing. What many families have begun doing is using a sublimatable covering over the shade skeleton and then using iron-on heat transfer photos of their children, pets or even shots of their latest holiday destinations. Whether you want to use a decoupage of geometric shapes bound together with metallic paints or coverings made from silk you brought home from that recent Asian holiday, you don’t need to settle for the same lampshades you can buy in any furniture or home improvement store.

2. Canning Jar Crafts

Here’s another craft which can be taken in multiple directions when crafting home décor. Some people place potpourri in the jar with little lights that cause the fragrance to radiate outwards and others build sand images or fill them with coloured beads. You can even build a canning jar lamp if you have a drill and glass bits and then you can top it off with that customised shade mentioned above.

3. Yarn Crafts

From wall hangings to throws for your sofa and easy chair, there is much you can do if you have skill at needlecrafts. Woven tapestries are always a nice touch to any room, as are knit or crochet throws and doilies. Even if you aren’t handy with a needle, some people make geometric designs on canvas and all it takes is strategically laid out pins and yarn or rope to wind around those pins. Design a multi-pointed star or simply a sailboat, but whatever you choose to create, your only limitation is what you can imagine.

4. Wallpaper Crafts

Although wallpaper goes in and out of fashion in home décor, you needn’t have walls that are papered to take advantage of wallpaper crafts. All you would need is a few skills in origami and some lovely wallpaper you can fold into various shapes. These can be quite decorative and eye-catching when placed on end tables or shelves. Origami patterns can be freely found online or in your local library, so other than the cost of a few scraps of wallpaper, this is one of the cheapest crafts for DIY home décor.

5. Scrap Wood Coasters

Sometimes you have scraps of timber laying around after a remodelling project. These bits of wood can come in handy for home décor projects. Scrap wood coasters can be quite simple to make or they can be intricate, depending on your level of skill. Some artisans cut geometric shapes and back them with felt after having sanded them and varnished or sealed to prevent warping. The felt keeps the surface of the table from being scratched and the coasters can add that extra touch of elegance you won’t find in kitchen shops. If you aren’t sure how to cut or piece them together, you can check out the self-help pages on the Savoy Timber website. Don’t have scraps of timber lying about? You can get those at Savoy Timber as well!

6. Drafting Compass Art

How many times have you taken out that drafting compass that allows you to make perfect circles of varying diameters? These can be quite useful when drawing Indian mandalas on canvas with permanent markers or acrylic craft paints. Here’s a video on YouTube that shows the process for creating a colourful mandala that would be a terrific addition to any room of the home. It might take some playing around to get the exact design you want, but that’s the fun of crafting anyway – isn’t it?

By using your crafting skills for elements of home décor, you are creating a look that is totally personal and something you will spend hours enjoying. This is, after all, your home. You want it to characterise who you are and what you enjoy most in life. Those personal touches give your home dimensions it would otherwise be lacking and set it apart from literally every other home on earth. After all, just as any two people will never be exactly alike, so too will their creations differ. These ideas are just a start. Now it’s time to get crafting. Where will you begin?

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