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Apart from the whole cost saga, nobody tells you about the emotional impact of upgrading your home. Whether you are redecorating or sorting your house out so you can sell it on, there is a lot of stress involved, and, granted, this is mainly down to money.


But you may be under a tight timescale to get everything done, or you might have lived out of boxes and have been surrounded with planks of wood and cement for as long as you can remember, and the messy side does make for a messy mind!


What are the best methods to keep your head during this heady process?


Set A Deadline



So many people I know who are redecorating their house don’t do this, and just leave it open-ended. This is dangerous because depending on your work ethic you might just find you will never finish! Instead, set yourself a completion deadline, and stick to it!


This will give you the one thing you need to complete your home, motivation. It’s amazing what a bit of motivation will do to your whole outlook, especially when it’s your dream project. You may think that you will cut corners if you have a deadline, but it’s your home. You want to live in it, and you want it to be the highest quality so you won’t be lax in your efforts.



Help Is Round The Corner

stress of fixing your home


There will always be someone available to give a lick of paint, or if you have limited finances, a builder who no doubt is a friend of a friend who you can pay for a week to get some of the key work done. Even when it comes to a house you’re trying to sell on there are conveyancing services done by legal teams like Bannister Preston if you are trying to minimise the timescales.


For every stressful part of the process, there is always some help available, you just need to make it as stressless as you can.



Cut The Cost Using Simple Methods

fixing your home


The mounting cost can leave you in a bit of a worried state. Do some meal planning and then batch cook your meals, portion them up, and freeze them. That way you have plenty of meals to keep you going at a low cost, and when you’re up against it, you don’t need to worry about stopping to cook, you can stay in the flow.


You will get to a point where you need a break, and although it can be tempting to go away for a weekend, it can be a big chunk of money that you don’t have. Instead, are there relatives you can go and stay with? Or keep an eye on coupon sites for trendy little getaways that don’t cost the earth.


There will be a time when you are knee deep in rubble, and you will feel like it’s never going to end. Breathe, take some time away, and come back to the task feeling refreshed. It will get done, and you are chipping away at the foundations.






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