My tips to help you find more time in your day

September 6, 2016admin
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A previous blog post was inspired by my love of reading up about vintage life and vintage entertaining with a  soap box blog post  on  my top tips to help you stop wasting time and achieve more.  In that post I touched on delegation and procrastination but this time round I wanted to share with you my top tips to reclaim more time from your day by putting your time to ‘better use’.  Vintage life did seem more straightforward with fewer distractions, no email, no mobiles and certainly no consoles!

I know some of these tips will be controversial but some of us have to admit there are days when we waste our time doing a lot without achieving very much or having leisure time that really we don’t enjoy that much!

So if you want to have more time in your day below are the places I would highly recommend you start:


  • Watching television. I know you really love watching (insert your favourite programme here), but if you realistically need more time in your day then I’m afraid that programme will have to wait.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about ditching the TV programme altogether, you can record it and watch it later or indeed cut some programmes out.


  • Social media – I really did hear you groan there didn’t I? Again I am certainly not advocating for you to go cold turkey on social media but I suggest you limit your time.  I also recommend working smarter and incorporating software such as HootSuite which can schedule your tweets and retweets.  All you need is a little planning.  I have been using HootSuite for a while now and I can highly recommend it, as the work is still being completed just more effectively.


  • Email and Texting is another area that we often waste time. Continually checking your inbox or replying immediately to texts can use up a lot of your time.  Set yourself a limit to checking your phone and stick to it.  On email set up an automatic response telling people when you will get back to them.  For texting, how about you phone the person for a quick chat instead of carrying on a text conversation all night?  This will most certainly save you time.


  • Household tasks need to be done I know but there are some tasks that seem to take forever and with a little planning we can cut down on them. Of course if you can afford to hire a cleaner or a cook good for you but most of us can’t so I recommend planning meals in advance at the start of the week, that way you are not wasting time each evening thinking of what to make.  You could also cook meals in advance at the weekends for during the week – now that would save a lot of time.


  • Playing games on mobiles and tablets is something I have seen an increase in over the last year or so, it’s very apparent on public transport. I’m sorry but playing games can be another area that drains your already precious time.  Cut back or give it up completely.


Let me know what you think of my tips to add more time to your day.  If you do decide to action some of these I would recommend you constantly measure how things are improving.  It would also be helpful for you to be aware of what you do during the day to ensure the actions are adding value to whatever you want to achieve.

Elf x


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