Spooktacularly Simple & Cheap Halloween decorating ideas

October 12, 2020admin
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Everyone gets excited when Halloween comes around.  Rightly so, long gone are the days when you had to carve out turnips because no-one knew what a Pumpkin was never mind locating a supermarket that sold them!  Whether you are throwing a Halloween bash or just want to impress those trick-or-treaters, I want to share with you some ideas that will help you decorate your home without spooking your bank manager!

Halloween Garland

Get the kids involved in making a Halloween garland.  You can either reuse your Christmas Wreath, buy an inexpensive one or make it from scratch which I did here.  Get the kids to gather leaves, pick up some plastic spiders in the pound shop and add to your wreath.  This could become a yearly tradition where you keep adding scary spiders and skulls. Here is one that I made!

Spooky Specimen Jars

Keep your empty glass jars to convert them into a spooky scientist’s lab.  You can throw all sorts in to the jars, like some eyeballs or other body parts you can find easily in the pound shop.  Top up with water, add some food colouring and there you have a selection of spooky specimen jars. 

Garden Cemetery

Turn your front garden in to a creepy cemetery.  Use whatever you have around the house such as blocks of wood, branches etc.  Cut out headstone shapes from cardboard to create your haunted cemetery and get the kids to help you paint them.  Why not consider doing this along your path to make for a thrilling Halloween walk to your door for all those trick or treaters.

Happy Halloween Signs

Our boys like to make their own signs and scare whoever is coming in to our home! It’s so easy to make Halloween signs especially if you use the free tattoo fonts from Font Bundles. They have a vast array of fonts so you can get the right font for the right theme. In this case we used their Halloween fonts to make our signs. We printed them, put them in photo frames we had lying around the house and also hung them up too. Yet another money saving tip for your Halloween decorations.

Ghostly Gouls

You can easily make a terrifying ghost to spook those trick or treaters.  All you will need is a large black bin bag and some old crumpled up newspaper.  Use the paper to create a head and place it in the bin bag.  Tie string around this to make a face.  Draw eyes on it and then hang from the ceiling.  Spooktacular!

Flying Bats

It certainly wouldn’t be Halloween without a selection of flying bats.  Using some black felt and tape you can cut out a whole gang of bats and either string together in a long garland or hang them individually from your ceiling.  You can put them up anywhere.

Giant Spiders

Spiders are right up there with flying bats and ghosts when it comes to a spooky Halloween theme. Again using black bin bags you can fill them with newspaper to make a body and use kitchen roll tubes for the legs.  Make several of these and cluster them around your porch or door.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enter into the Halloween spirit.  You can decorate your home from top to bottom with these simple ideas that aren’t scary for your bank balance. These are great for engaging your children that often use supplies that are already lying about your home or that can be recycled.  In addition, you can store these items away and use them for years to come. 

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