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I was asked recently to try Senocalm for my IBS.  I was shocked to discover I had IBS when I was diagnosed about 8 years ago.  What is so annoying about IBS is that it can flare up with no warning at all, it is just so unpredictable.  My symptoms are not as severe as some but it can be very annoying and painful even though it is infrequent.



The additional problem with my IBS is that doctors are not really sure what is causing it, but they do think it is a sensitive gut.  My own diagnosis is that it’s probably stress related as it isn’t a regular occurance – only when I’m feeling under pressure.



So I was delighted to give Senocalm a try.  There are several things that have impressed me with taking Senocalm, firstly it works!  Secondly Senocalm have teamed up with meditation and mindfulness expert, Emma Mills giving tips and ideas of how to alleviate stress.


Not only are Senocalm helping with the symptoms immediately they are also getting to the root causes in terms of dealing with stress. I have to say that it has helped me immensely – not just for my IBS but for life in general.  Below are some of Emma Mill’s top tips:



Create a mindfulness toolkit: Have items with you that you know will help you feel good and relaxed while on-the-go, such as a favourite book, essential oils or herbal teas.


Belly Breathing: When daily pressures begin to pile up, take five minutes to focus on your breathing. Lying down, place both hands on your tummy, covering your belly button. When you breathe in, imagine there is a little balloon inside your tummy. As it expands, lift your hands as you breathe in, lower as you breathe out.


Visualisation: Picture your digestive tract as a long, calm river that flows gently, passing through the throat and into the tummy. Feel the ‘river’ gently cooling the soft walls of your tummy and system, cleansing, healing and helping your body to feel full of energy and life.


Humming: Sit comfortably and on your next out breath, close your mouth and make a little humming sound. This can be very relaxing on the digestive system and restore a sense of harmony. Don’t over breathe, as the aim is nice, gentle easy relaxation.


Focus in: Take three minutes to focus on a flower. Put all your attention on this; its petals, fragrance, shape etc. Notice how it feels to be engaged and ask yourself what starts to feel different.


Tapping: Gently tap using your knuckles around the rib cage, across the back of the ribs and around the hips, use 20 percent of your effort while you say, ‘I can trust my body, I can feel relaxed’.


Sound the AUM (om): First breathe in gently and on your next out breath, let out a little AUM sound. Do this three to four times a day.


Play with opposites in self talk: In your mind play with the opposites to reduce negative thoughts which can have an impact on your stress levels and could trigger your IBS. For example: ‘I feel anxious vs. what if I don’t have to feel anxious’, ‘I’m stressed vs. I’m at peace’, ‘I’m all uptight vs. but I can be relaxed’.


You can also watch this fantastic ‘Gutfulness’ meditation video from Emma Mills on how to deal with stress through simple mindfulness techniques.



I highly recommend Senocalm for IBS suffers which can be purchased in Boots, supermarkets and other pharmacies.  I also highly recommend watching the Emma Mills video and using mindfulness to help deal with the stresses of everyday life.


For further information about Senocalm you can visit here:





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